When having nothing to do drives you crazy…

The Active Mindset: A Sure Way To Avoid All Boredom With Life

I stumbled on an article that addresses an issue I have been seeing... and sheds light at what has been invisible to me, at the why of it: why people are not curious, why people have no questions, why people are afraid of idleness, why people choose busyness instead of doing something that is worth doing.

It's everywhere. It's nearly everybody. It is why you have a hard time falling asleep... or conversely why you fall asleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow. Both are symptoms of the same invisible.

It's what drives you to busyness... to reading everything, to watching every video, to play video games incessantly, to talking without taking a breath, to overwhelming yourself and never doing anything well.

It's your inability to think... instead of having thoughts. You have thoughts in the mind... and would think outside of the mind. Continue reading "When having nothing to do drives you crazy…"

Making the invisible visible!

Making the invisible visible

When things float in your head, they are part of the invisible domain.

You don't really see what is there, you only have some clue by the marker feelings... the feelings/emotions that they trigger.

Making that visible can make the difference between conceited, delusionally smart, and actually becoming worth a damn in the world.

My main methodology of making the invisible visible, is following a principle: "It's hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth." Continue reading "Making the invisible visible!"

Everyone thinks they are smarter than you… but why? And how can you avoid that trap so you can start having some results in your life?

I came to my computer this morning not having an idea what article to write.

So I started to watch a few videos on youtube I lined up, after I saw that one of my students learned "precession" from one of the videos I published, while it went way over my head.

Time to recap...

So I watched the video, and muscle tested. It tested "not true" for me. One of my favorite people, (an evolutionary event in humanity's history, according to Buckminster Fuller...) Marshall Thurber. Zero truth value. Wow... let me watch a few more Marshall Thurber videos...

So I did. It's about 8 am now, and I have been at it for almost three hours.

I learned a lot.

Here are some of the things I learned: Continue reading "Everyone thinks they are smarter than you… but why? And how can you avoid that trap so you can start having some results in your life?"

How you fake your consciousness…

Your level of vibration closely correlates with your level of integrity. And the vibration of humans is dropping about 10 points a year...

I am working on the integrity workshop coming up in two days, and am starting to see why someone with less than 200 vibration is focusing on the actions, instead of the context.

The hallmark of low vibration is to see only what is visible... the obvious.

Not surprisingly the level of integrity closely matches the level of vibration... and trying to change the actions is an inefficient and ineffective way to integrity. Continue reading "How you fake your consciousness…"

The greased chute… or what is the fastest way to lose your vibrational frequency?

What is the fastest way to devolve... the greased chute to lose your vibration? To move yourself to the horizontal plane...

  • Sometimes I write articles to solve an issue for myself... Tai calls this chess-like assiduity... lol.
  • Sometimes I write articles to address and issue one or more clients are dealing with... and help them solve it for themselves. Because, remember, when things don't go well... there is something that you don't know/don't see
  • And sometimes I write articles to prevent an issue for a client, and issue that is predictably coming.

This article fits category two and three... Some clients are struggling with an issue the other clients are about to encounter...

The issue is devolving. Greased chute to hell... Not a happy issue, is it?

So, let's get starting.
Continue reading "The greased chute… or what is the fastest way to lose your vibrational frequency?"

You cannot catch what you don’t see and the great white tiger – Republished

You can't catch what you don't see; do you keep them sacred like a great white tiger?

I was wondering what I should write about today.

I have half a dozen half written posts, but what should I write about today?

Then, as I was doing some energy work on myself, it came to me.

I have a young friend, he is about 4. He is my chiropractor's son, he lives in Baltimore with his mother, but for about a week every month he is in Syracuse, and I always make it a point to spend a few hours with him.

Today was the day, and we were playing, and singing, and laughing. He goes to school, and he had learned a lot of new songs, so he was singing a lot today. One of the songs was "You can't catch what you don't see"

That is what I want to talk to you about today. That you want to see what you don't see. Continue reading "You cannot catch what you don’t see and the great white tiger – Republished"

My process to get myself unstuck on a project to double my income…

I have been working on the project of doubling my income by adding a new revenue source.

This article is my private process. I wrote it to get myself over the hump. To clarify some things. To get unstuck.

So some places it's sketchy... it is my process and it has fulfilled its purpose: I have gained the clarity from doing it that will help me to get to the next hump... because that is how life works.

If life is smooth sailing, then you are not growing. Then you are not challenging yourself. Then you are most likely going down on a greased chute. Continue reading "My process to get myself unstuck on a project to double my income…"

Can you eliminate beliefs?

Is there such a thing as a belief? Are beliefs real?

Yes and no. In reality? no such thing as a belief. Belief is a mind construct.

So what is holding you back in life if not beliefs?

In my previous article I talk about the backdrop, and that the backdrop is made up of all the things you say, all the things you heard/read that you accepted, and surprisingly also all the things you have resisted.

Why are things you resisted there? Because things you don't consider true or facts: you don't resist.

If I told you that you were a zebra, you would not resist. But if I tell you you are a loser, or worthless, or stupid... you'll resist... because they could be true... what if it's true? and now it is part of your backdrop. Continue reading "Can you eliminate beliefs?"

I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday…

I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday.

It was a huge let-down. Not because it was bad, but because it was truthful.

We have been acclimated, we have been trained, to expect that the good will always win. The other people can fight your fight. That there is hope.

There is no hope.

I could have expected that from Billy Bob Thornton, after his Sling blade movie. But I was still jarred awake.

And if I needed to be jarred awake, you doubly, triply need to be jarred awake.

Your understanding of the world, your world view has handed your life, your control, over to others... who use it to enrich themselves.

Your accurate vocabulary is so low partially because you are taught to think positive, you are taught to close your eyes instead of looking at reality. Continue reading "I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday…"

Why you cannot spin plates… why your life is like an obstacle course… ups and downs…

Roller coasters are fun, exciting, and you can scream all you want... But when your whole life is a roller coaster, 24/7, that is not fun. That is exhausting.

I used to feel like my life was a roller coaster. Like people, emotions (my reactions to people, events, tasks) were jerking me left and jerking me right.

I hated the experience. I like smooth. I like to feel in control of my life and my inner state.

But nothing I knew could do that for me, smooth out my ride... nothing. ... and believe me, I tried.

I took courses. I learned to use energies. I exercised. Nothing seemed to eliminate the roller coaster... until... until a few months ago. The ride was getting smoother... but life was still jerking me.

In this article I'll teach you what's going on in the invisible, that life is like that... and what to do about it. Continue reading "Why you cannot spin plates… why your life is like an obstacle course… ups and downs…"