I first encountered this phenomenon in Israel 30 years ago… the first signs of an infection by the Dark Side

I first encountered this phenomenon in Israel 30 years ago.

Women kept on saying “Ein li koah…” which literally translated means “I don’t have strength, I don’t have energy.”

I remember being disgusted, appalled at the time. I had never heard anyone say anything like that, not in Hungary, where working around the clock is the norm.

Then, some 20 years later I heard myself say: No matter how hard I work, it is not working… Luckily I was listening to myself, and heard that I was lying.

The particular thing I was talking about not working: I didn’t put a lick of work into it, the resignation, the disempowerment, the fatalist view of “no matter how hard… ” came INSTEAD of work. I remember first being stunned, then cracking up in laughter: it was ridiculous to listen to myself lie.

Then, very recently, as recently as today, I heard the same thing. This time it came a little different: It’s too hard, I am entitled for some leisure…

Given that I am in the middle of this research, writing these articles, I put up a little doubt… maybe it’s not true. Let me see…

The thing, that my mind declared to be too hard, needed only about 10% of my attention, and that was enough for it to get the job done.

Wow, this is really interesting.

Maybe the Dark Side is telling us these suggestions to turn us all into people that don’t even TRY anything! I can see it on some of my students, the most sensitive ones, the empaths seem to be reacting to the same “tune.”

The the second tier, the 25’s (that is the numerical value of a soul correction) that never try anything, and claim that they are afraid. They failed before they tried… so why try. Do you see the common thread: don’t even try!

And then some of them look at the mental image of them succeeding in what they say they want to do, and get too scared. The Black girl that is as talented as anyone I have ever seen… afraid to succeed, so she won’t go for it.

The beautiful talented girl who has lived in the shadow of her brilliant father, then her brilliant husband, is afraid to strike out on her own… what if she succeeds? It will be hard work!

This phenomenon of the mind stopping you before you start, before you try, before you commit… this is the most important component of this Global Negativity, that you need to learn to identify as “not yours” and challenge yourself to do it anyway.

How? I have mentioned muscle testing, that is the first step.

The second step is strengthening both your will and your authentic desire for fulfillment.

Fulfillment is your birthright, but you need to earn it.

Without fulfillment life is worthless, life is dull, and not worth living. You are a living dead… and your pathway to it is to do something that your mind says you can’t do, you will regret if you do, that you don’t have energy to do.

This is what I have been doing, and fulfillment is my daily bread… Yummy.

But how do you strenthen your will and your desire?

Just like any capacity, the only way to grow something is to use it.

I hate to bring up the example of building muscle strength, because in my opinion if people put in as much effor into becoming an intelligent human being as they put into their looks, the Earth would not look the way it looks.

Nevertheless, building muscle is a great way to explain how you strengthen your will, how you strengthen your desire.

Through specific, targeted exercises. Just like a day laborer doesn’t build muscle even though they lift heavy stuff, or dig ditches, you won’t build will and desire by doing the say things the same way every day.

You need to challenge yourself, a little bit, every day.

The important aspects to look for: challenge, not the same, slightly outside of your comfort zone.

Drinking your coffee with your non-dominant hand, eating foods you have never tried, taking a way home that you don’t quite know how to navigate, learn to swimm if you can’t swim, breathe when you want to hold your breath, speak up when you want to hide… etc. etc. etc.

Practice it diligently. You need to be self-directed in this, there is no one that will guide you, cheer you on, or call you to account.

You will be on your own. Not part of the herd, but going against it.

Are you ready for that?

But more important than anything: watch out to the mind phrases “it’s too hard” “it’s not worth the effort” “no matter how hard I try” “I don’t know if I can do it” and “I can’t.” and use them as a buzzer, as a reminder, that going against those phrases will start you on the path of becoming a real intelligent human being.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “I first encountered this phenomenon in Israel 30 years ago… the first signs of an infection by the Dark Side”

  1. It’s interesting, Sophie, that you call creating certain experiences, “a lie.” Is it a lie when we say, “I can’t” and then experience the result that “I can’t?” If so, then why isn’t it also a lie to say, “I can” and then experience the result that “I can?” I’m not sure that our act of creating with our choice of language can rightfully be called a lie or a truth. It is simply an act of creating (We are, after all, children of god – unconscious child creators). Rather than see our creations as a lie or truth, I think it’s more accurate and empowering to recognize ourselves creating our experiences with our choice of expression, one of which is language. I teach this very concept in my free online audio presentation that I call, “The eight words that will change your life.”

    I’m enjoying having your communications coming more frequently, again.

    Blessings and Gratitude,

  2. The problem Joyce, is that you pick out things from my posts that make you react, and then talk about them without the context.

    When you create, you create based on nothing. Otherwise you react.

    In the examples I state it is the mind’s reaction to the feelings. There is no creation is going on.

    I was wondering when your self-promotion will arrive, and here it is.

  3. First step to failure is believing it. Releasing is the key! I find the Sedona method works great for releasing all negative attachments and beliefs. Ho’oponopono works great too! I use the Babaji Mantra also Om Namah Shivaya. I also connect to my guides and angels daily for golden light cleansing, healing and protection. Yesterday I had a huge shift from feeling hopeless to feeling ecstatic! Thing are now on the upswing and I feel I can keep it that way despite obstacles that come.

  4. “I was wondering when your self-promotion will arrive, and here it is.”

    Sophie, I know it’s hard for you, but be nice.

    Your suggestions are really useful. Stretch outside your comfort zone more and more each each day and develop the confidence (belief) that you can do more than you thought.

    “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.”
    – Henry Ford

  5. we are not talking about negative attachments and beliefs in this article, Chuck. We are talking about feelings coming from the outside, making the mind decide what those feelings mean for the recipient.

    Try to make your comments relevant to MY site…

  6. You are right Michael. It is hard for me to be nice.

    I had a teacher that taught me to find a blog and comment. Make my comment useful. But make it people take notice of me.

    The definition of that behavior is really spamming.

    Not completely reading my posts, just what applies to another’s agenda drives me nuts! And to think that the only people that comment on this blog are you and the spammers is maddening!

    The most important part of my teaching is not what you found most important, by the way, either. The most important part is: the feelings you have are not yours. Test if they are, and you will be surprised, no, stunned, that 90% of them or more are not yours. They feel so “yours” but only because this negativity-broadcast has been going on for a long long time, and you are getting it, not personally, and your mother got it, not personally, and your wife gets it, not personally, and they don’t know it’s not theirs, so they teach you the behaviors, and they teach you all their mind-stuff that was a reaction to feelings that are not theirs.

    If you are broke, if you are stuck, if you are not where you could be, AND you don’t learn how to get out of your mind, then you are f-u-c-k-e-d!

    You, especially, Michael, should get this, not the one everyone has been repeating since Henry Ford said that… when did that saying ever made a difference for you? NEVER! because it doesn’t go deep enough.

    Wake up Michael!

  7. You are right Sophie, that quote is correct, but it doesn’t go deep enough to make a difference for ME.

    Until attending the connections calls, I didn’t understand that I could exist outside my mind. I didn’t know what you were talking about when you said stop thinking. I didn’t know how to stop thinking, but now I can do it at least sometimes. The aha moment came when you said that if we hear any voice but yours on the call, then we are thinking. I am practicing not thinking when I meditate and sometimes when I am just being. It’s a new experience.

    I fully get that relying on my mind got me where I am (not good). I started reading A New Earth for the second time. Three years ago, I got nothing out of it. Now I realize that the book is about getting out of your mind — the dangers of thinking. I haven’t yet developed a strong enough relationship with Source and Soul, but that is the goal.

    I understand that “the feelings are not yours” concept is something you (empaths?) deal with on a regular basis. I never thought about where my feelings come from. But then, I am just learning to feel. The calls are eye -opening in this regard.

    I too am surprised at the lack of comments. I wonder if anyone else is reading. You would know from your page views report. I hope so because the posts are as valuable as the calls.

    I have no idea what Chuck is going on about.

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