What Do You Say When You Are Connected To Source? What Do You Say After You Say Hello

This is a very old article. I just read it because a student of mine keeps coming back to it.
The syntax of communication, always asking for something, renders you a beggar.

What do you think happens to your relationships where you are the taker all the time? It won’t be a relationship… and if anything, it will be a slavery where you are the slave driver. Arrogant, don’t you think?

So, please read this post as outdated. Thank you.

The Syntax of Communicating With Source

Before I can teach you the syntax of communication with Source, we need to look if Source is a sentient being.

Sentience simply means self-aware, conscious.

So far, in all my thinking, if Source is sentient, then it has a very simple circuit, nothing like all the religions would suggest.

At this point of the investigation there are a few things that look like facts:

  1. Source knows what it wants.

    It wants to bestow its light. It is attracted by the energy of expansion: it homes in on the energy of expansion and leaves when the energy of contraction is present. It is always probing every little chard of the Original Vessel for a desire and a capacity to receive and to expand.

  2. It is willing to assist the recipient to expand itself along certain lines
  3. It is able to learn to communicate with a strong energy source
  4. It is willing to teach how the answers to questions will come (much like a cat teaches its owner how they should be communicating)
  5. It is not willing to relocate already allocated light, i.e. take away something and give it to someone else.
  6. When it experiences a gap in the recipient’s desire to receive and the amount of light they could activate, it uses brute force. From the recipient’s point of view, this shows up as an experience of stress, pain, and sometimes disease.

So, with that said, the syntax of communication starts with
First: opening a strong energy channel, i.e. connect.

Second: establish a desire to expand.
Third: use the established wording (established by Theta Healer Vianna Stibal):

a. address source: Creator of all that is (you can also use God, Source, Father, Great Spirit, anything that you can put a great deal of energy behind. The moment I say: Creator of all that is, the connection starts to sizzle.)

b. Use the command word: I use: I command. I have heard others say: It is commanded. You can also say: I request. They all work. I like “I command.”

c. Say who it is for and what, the name of the recipient with what. together: I command x for myself, I command a full activator download for Nancy, I command a download of the following feelings into Mike, I command a full activator download for the country of Venezuela…

d. Say on what level: I make all my requests on all four levels and on the cellular level. That includes the physical, history, genetic, cellular, soul, and the ego levels.

Once you fully expressed what you are asking for, silently, in your head, reconnect for a moment, then say Thank you.

Then witness as what you are asking for is downloaded, as energy, on all four levels, and on the genetic/cellular level. You’ll experience as a shower from the top of the head to the big toe.

You may experience blockages (if you can experience! most can’t!) and then it’s done.

I like to muscle test after each download that the request was answered successfully.

You should now know enough to be dangerous. If you want to learn more, I don’t recommend MY teacher, Vianna Stibal’s books and courses. She specializes in healing.

Although Vianna teaches a method to connect, I find that my method, the Tangerine Method of Connecting Directly To Source causes a strong connection 100% of the time, and that is what you want, that is what you need.

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