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DNA upgrade, DNA activation... Avatar State Audio Activators... what is what?

by Sophie Benshitta Maven - Tags: , , Avatar State Audios Articles, Raise your vibration - September 7, 2013 Click to comment


Sophie Benshitta Maven

Upgrade vs. Activation

Upgrade is adding something new... like a new capacity, a new ability.

Activation is forcing you to use what you have, your capacities, your abilities.

Activators are small nudging devices that don't leave you alone until you actually start and continue using capacities they are programmed to activate.

No one uses their capacities to the max, that is why at vibration 990 I was still benefiting from using the Harmonize your Vibration activator, that was designed as an entry level, non-defined activator... to start to dig you out of the rut of your lowly habits of slothfulness of thinking and being.

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Tags: Avatar State Audios Articles · Raise your vibration

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