You send for a vibrational reading. Your upsights…

You send for a vibrational reading. I send it to you.

Your vibration is 130, your wife’s is 200

You email back: “That’s very strange and looks wrong. Coz we are very wealthy healthy and happy.”

You think that your physical well being, even your so called happiness is any indicator of your spiritual vibration, the level of your consciousness

No, it’s as if you were looking at the person who looks healthy but has maybe cancer ravage their bodies, or a heart attack waiting to happen.

Consciousness is not skin deep. You are…

The first interesting thing that you want to notice is the huge difference in the vibration of the man and the wife.

horizontal planeThe man is not breathing… it is like he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s not conscious… but the other shoe might drop.

The wife is a physician, and in addition to that probably a “saint” to allow YOU to wear the pants… Given that in YOUR world you are more valuable than a woman: a woman is only good to bear children and wait on you in every way you want it.

You live in a world that doesn’t honor the human spirit. You live in constant misery. But the Soul knows it can’t be held together for long… thus you are waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Here is another “uneven” couple: the woman, vibration 170, the man 200. The woman is a physician… and she wears the proverbial pants in this relationship.

What justification is there for that? She knows much… much b.s. and untruth, and book knowledge, if you ask me.

Now, this woman, I happen to know her, is a nice person… but until she drops the knowledge b.s. her vibration will stay low, and her man will be the “saint” in the relationship.


In today’s society the underlying assumption is that what you know, and who you know, is what decides what you are worth. And it may decide what you are worth to society, that is hellbent on you being just a cog in the machine, that is hellbent on you living a dull existence, consume and consume more… but the quality of your life is not going to be decided by what you know and who you know.

The quality of your life (and your vibration) will be decided by who you are.

Knowledge of anything lives on the horizontal plane where there is no boundary between you an the whole plane: you exist only as part of the society, family, work force, city, country, etc. and have no chance, no permission to even know who you are. 3

For the powers that be, knowing yourself, being with yourself, being not dictated by knowledge is dangerous. Your employer doesn’t want you to live an interesting life. Your employer is only interested in the machine part of you that gets the job done… Even your spouse, boy friend, children are only interested in you fulfilling your role as they need you to… they are not interested in you, or you having any kind of life… 4

It takes courage and initiative to become a human being, living on the vertical plane, where all the hubbub of the horizontal plane can’t even touch you.

upsight vs insightOn the horizontal plane they teach you to have no self, no ego… And you comply, thinking that that will take you to higher vibration. Just the opposite is true. The real truth is that when your vibration is rising, when you start to spend time on the vertical plane, your ego push, self-protection, resistance will be less and less, because on the vertical plane you are untouchable. No need to force it, no need to avoid it… it is just what’s so.

What do you need to start moving to the vertical plane? Upsights.

You see, insights are a dime a dozen… because insights are on the same plane where things have happened. Upsights need you to put your Witness aspect on the vertical plane, from where things are just what they are, things just happened, and no adjectives, no value judgment, no good or bad, nice or ugly… just the thing itself.

Until you can train yourself to look at things from there… not pretending, not saying as an affirmation, but really seeing nothing else but what happened… you are living out your life in the misery of the horizontal plane.

success is skin deepNo one can take you there, and no one can teach you how to do that: it is like flying: you learn it by being willing to fall… like a bird.

All the knowledge of the horizontal plane is useless when it comes to flying… and useless in other ways too… they are merely noise that makes it harder to hear and see things, be with people and ideas… Noise, that when you are on the horizontal plane, demands you attention. Noise that when you are on the vertical plane, is like the distant murmuring of the ocean… No need to pay attention to it.

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  1. There is NO knowledge on the vertical plane, only consciousness, and presence.
  2. Horizontal plane and Vertical plane can also be explained by where you get your driving force from. You can be outward driven or inward driven. Outward driven is societal... the values, the goals, the aspirations come from the outside, from the world of others... the horizontal plane...
  3. There is NO knowledge on the vertical plane, only consciousness, and presence.
  4. Horizontal plane and Vertical plane can also be explained by where you get your driving force from. You can be outward driven or inward driven. Outward driven is societal… the values, the goals, the aspirations come from the outside, from the world of others… the horizontal plane…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “You send for a vibrational reading. Your upsights…”

  1. I think I had an upsight today: I realized that what was causing the tension between me and my friends with whom I lost touch recently was my own resistance towards them, a cage of prejudice I put on myself which blocked me from expressing myself freely in their presence. It was probably the fear of revealing my weak and vulnerable side to them, fear of admitting that I’m not only the happy, ‘representative’ part of me they’ve got to know that kept me hold my mask on, thus pushing me towards isolation. No more blaming outside of me – it was all mind. Responsibility time.

    I’m meeting one of them tomorrow and this time I have every intention of making it a long and interesting conversation-walk. I’m scared but I trust that, as you said, Sophie, everything can be resolved through communication.

  2. Hello Sophie

    I have an upsight that the reason I am not flying is because I am carrying a heavy baggage. I can only fly if I let go of my heavy baggage so I will be light and then be able to fly.

    I think saying the ‘ I choose who I am because I choose who I am’ everyday as a mantra is helping me to have more clarity. Thank you. xoxo

  3. My upsight is being aware of the times when my actions and thoughts are on wanting to please someone or be well thought of. Being able to say ‘nothing’s wrong’ when I am in the midst of this reaction lets me hear and see something different from the same situation.

  4. I have another big upsight today that, when I choose, I am not allowing the mind to choose for me that I am in charge which makes me feel so powerful.

    I did an experiment today. I was out walking and decided to say in mind and also speak it but not too loud the ‘ I choose who I am because… mantra. While walking my body was shaking it felt so weird, that all I can do was laughed at myself. lol

  5. When you are in public, owning who you are is walking into the wind… the climate is that you should be unhappy about who you are… people that like themselves are called conceited or arrogant… so saying “I choose who I am because I choose who I am” is a huge risk in the current unhappy-happy paradigm. Congratulations. You’ll get used to it, but the fear will never completely leave.

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