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  1. Hi,
    I posted this earlier, but I can't find the page. So here goes: you had an online seminar for the first two levels, and then the third level is for sale. Now that your online seminar is over, where can I get the first two levels? I didn't see them for sale on your site.

  2. I recall reading an article you wrote about the vibration of different Bibles (English versions/translations) and the history of the Bible’s vibration decreasing/lowering. In that article you write about a specific Bible that vibrates higher than all others and has a very high truth value (if I recall it correctly). I never bookmarked that article and have tried with no avail to find it on your site. I’m not entirely sure (like 85%) that the article was by you, but I do recall you having another website and maybe you posted it on there, what is that other website of yours.

  3. oh, no, not that one, Sophie, I read that one earlier yesterday when trying to find the old one. The one I’m referring to is more thorough about the history of the vibration of the Bible, and it stated that a particular version of the Bible was much higher, something like 700 if I recall correct, I don’t remember the name of that particular Bible though. I think it told the vibration of the King James Bible; but here are some others translated around the 16th century, Tyndale Bible of 1537, Great Bible of 1539, Bishops Bible of 1568, Geneva Bible of 1560 and then the Wycliffe Bible of 1385 (which is the first one translated (hand-written, not printed) into English. I would like to make sure that I’m reading scripture using best Bible I can.

    Did you ever have another website, or perhaps posted it on someone else’s blog

  4. Sorry Jasmine, it wasn’t written by me. I do not believe in hidden vibrations: you must have found some spirit site… or psychic… when I searched google for it, I was taken to sites like that.

    I do not believe in spirits. And the New Testament was constructed by priests: low low vibration, for the enslavement of humanity, so how could it be 700?

  5. Dear Sophie,

    I am an older person (66) who had a spiritual awakening through a dream I had that I believe was manifested by a psychic around 7 to 8 years ago. Up to that time I really had no spiritual direction with the exception of my Catholic upbringing. Since around the age of 8 I would challenge the priests in religion class because some how I intuitively knew that we (the children in the class) were really not being given the truth about Jesus, Mary, the Bible etc. Consequently I have always had a problem with any form of institutionalized religion. After my spiritual awakening when I was about 58 years old I knew deeply that there was a whole lot more to be learned and accessed regarding the spiritual realm. At that time I started reading everything I could regarding metaphysics. I probably have a library of about 200 or more books just on various aspects of the subject. It has taken awhile for me to get an understanding of the subject and much of it is still very perplexing. I have gone to workshops like the International Academy of Conciousness’ local office in New York City. The goal at that time was to have an out-of-body experience. However, I could never raise my vibrational levels high enough to attain any further insights or any out-of-body experiences ! One of the primary goals of IAC’s courses is to teach you to generate higher vibrations. One of the things that I’ve noticed especially over the last year and a half is that most people that are now promoting greater spirituality are really pushing the “higher vibration” mantra. I have read a good number of books just on out-of-body experiences and the need to develop a higher vibrational level. This is an area I have really struggled with but have gotten nowhere with. I would like to talk to you by phone personally because I really believe at this point I need to do some one-on-one counseling sessions to assist me in moving up the vibrational ladder. Your prices seem reasonable and I would like to find out if I could work with you on a more direct basis so that I can possibly move myself forward in ths area. I understand that the earth’s vibrational levels are speeding up. Even though I am 66, I do not want to be left behind. Please call or e-mail me so that I can begin a program that will realistically work. I know there are a zillion fake psycics and spiritual gurus but for some reason you seem different.

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