sleep aids

There are many companies with many sleep aids...

Here, on this site, I will only promote what I either created, after a long process of experimentation and then testing, or what I have found useful.

As this site is nowhere near ready, I am talking about my plans now...

The issues that I am able and good at countering are as follows:

  • Mites that interrupt sleep or make it hard to fall asleep... the job is not complete, but it seems that I have now three different mites that I can keep in check. There is a fourth one... the work is not finished on that one.
  • Emotional stuff remaining from your day... My energy remedies, and my energy audios are effective against the emotions that keep you up, or make you have nightmares
  • Incoherence due to whatever reason... obviously my coherence generator... with the noise machine
  • Not enough melatonin being produced by the body because of too much light in the room... the silk eye masks... they are perfect.

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