Juicy lifeThe 53 Invisible moves of the machine... that keeps homo sapiens stuck

Once you learn to recognize and redirect them, you'll be able to raise your vibration, and all the measures in your Starting Point Measurements.

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

I have been teaching the seven levels of ascension for about 10 years.

It is pretty much learning the invisible... Enlightenment is suddenly being able to see reality as it is, with its invisible parts unconcealed... visible.

Once you see all the invisible dynamics, you can stop living in the Matrix, in the illusion, and start living in reality.

These 53 videos are set up to be a self-study course: I recorded these videos over the years...

Here is what you'll get: an entire three phases of ascension. The seventh phase is the Playground, where you are not just learning to about the new reality, you are living in the new reality:

  1. Phase of Ascension
  2. Attention: Being Present With Another
  3. Becoming Like God
  4. Build New Identity – how and why
  5. By Design 3: The Power of Your Word
  6. By Design continued
  7. Decisiveness
  8. Default or By Design
  9. Distinctions
  10. Driftwood
  11. Filters
  12. Filters 2
  13. Filters 3: create filters for a change
  14. Help vs. Support
  15. Laughing: the best medicine. Forced breathing in essence
  16. Law of Attraction? What is the work in the 1% that unfolds the 99%?
  17. Meaning
  18. Mind vs. Horizon
  19. Nothing
  20. Original Design
  21. Overview
  22. Overview Part 2, the beginning of the 4th Phase of Planetary Ascension
  23. Procrastination: the ultimate clue into your “ego”
  24. Racket
  25. Reality: Fact or Fiction?
  26. Reasonable? Unreasonable? – Third Phase
  27. Soul Correction
  28. The Birth Of Identity
  29. What you know...
  30. Willingness Part 2: You Are God-Stuff
  31. Willingness: How Good Are You Willing To Have It
  32. From my correspondence
  33. Meaning Making Machine... and your soul correction. Brand new information. Amazing.
  34. Racket and soul correction part 2
  35. Racket and Soul Correction: what’s the connection?
  36. Silent Partner? Business? What are you talking about
  37. Soul-Correction Part 1
  38. The Quest... The next phase: jumping paradigms
  39. Turning Point
  40. 6th Animal Script
  41. Arrest the machine... in its predictable cycle to take you to your “homepage”
  42. Baseline
  43. Blank Check
  44. How are you resisting the dance of the soul and the ego?
  45. In Love, occurrence, context, jumping to the new paradigm, self-deception, etc.
  46. how to lay new tracks for the train of your life
  47. Machine
  48. Meaning: change the meaning, the world changes with it
  49. Please Read: How your actions keep you the same: how your actions lock you in...
  50. Racket: the machine that reproduces itself
  51. Undeclared Commitment
  52. Unreasonable... integrity. the condition to go to the next level
  53. What are you building with that?
  54. What gives you Juice in your life? If your answer is nothing... join the 99%

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