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Activate a Spiritual Capacity

An energetic process I can ask Source to perform for you.

Spiritual Capacities are also called intangibles... the capacities people put on their resume that make them a whole lot more hireable than others... the ability to see another's point of view, the ability to hold the sight of a direction or a future... context, agreableness, humility, allowing, letting go, etc.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am a True Empath. And I am an innovator.

I don't invent stuff... I repurpose...

I stumbled on the spiritual capacities back in 2003-ish, through the Kabbalah Centre, and through the Healing Codes.

I had a cancerous lesion on my arm, an angry red growth... I felt its energy: angry and hungry.

Although I have found that the Healing Codes doesn't work the way the founder says they work, the whole idea of focusing on a spiritual capacity while you are using energies actually works. The hand positions don't change anything... (The Healing Codes claims the hand positions are the most important thing... they aren't...)

I zoomed in on Kindness that was not in my genetic makeup... I lacked kindness. And I meditated, grieved over it while had the hands to what the Healing Codes told me to do... and the growth started to shrink and in three days it disappeared.

That is where it all began for me. This whole tangible idea of spiritual capacities.

Today I can turn on any one of the 160 spiritual Capacities... but like with everything: it is the recipient's job to keep it on.

That is where the Healing Codes, a practice to meditate while you applied physical chi through your palms came in for me.

It is not easy to keep on the capacity, unless you really go in with it, toe to toe, and engage with it, like I engaged with Kindness.

What should you do? The best thing is to start making a collage... of the capacity you are asking to be turned on...

Paper collage, not computer images. Cardboard, scissors, glue, pictures from magazines...

The process of recognizing a picture as showing an aspect of the capacity... and then another picture, and another picture.

Each collage at least 10 pictures... No less. Overlapping, not laid out in a grid... They need to form a new picture, not a tablau... like a yearbook.

Take a picture when it's done and email it to me... If you do, I'll test you if it worked.. If not, make another collage.

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