Juicy lifeWhat are the predictable traps your machine uses to rob you of joy, fulfillment, health, and happiness?

Your Bach profile to the rescue... Knowledge is power!

Your full Bach profile gives you a very accurate picture of how you are, predictive of your attitude when you are sick, when you are challenged, and how you cause your problems... how you block abundance, love, happiness.

Sophie Benshitta MavenIn the early 1900's a physician in England, Dr. Edward Bach was fed up with traditional medicine. He fell in love with the idea of homeopathy, and chose to use naturally occurring substances to cause it to his clients.

Eventually he discovered that it is the pure energy of certain plants, not the chemicals in the plants that caused lasting relief to his patients.

He created the famous Bach Remedies... still famous, still available...

I used to be a 'Bach practitioner' but it was a lot of work, and I decided to innovate... I asked Source if the energy of the individual remedies, the individual flowers and what they represent can be duplicated.

The answer was 'yes' and I can now call down the exact energy by just saying its name. A feeling. Every feeling is an energy...

I can feel it, you  can feel it... and the energy, when it meets your 'machine's energy, acts as a counter-energy that diminishes the energy and even the inclination of your machine to feel it.

You don't need to believe in it. You don't even have to feel it... it is energy and it works. Over time...

Actually, believing in it will activate the placebo effect, and you'll experience results before they are real... and will stop using the energy. So don't believe it... don't dupe yourself, please.

To prepare your Bach profile, I need to connect to you and I need to connect to All-Knowledge aka Source. I am a trained empath, not a psychic, so I need to see you to connect to you. So please send me a picture or your whole face, a picture that shows your eyes, open... or I can't connect to you.

I'll muscletest you against the list of the 48 Bach energies... and send the results to you in an attached jpg file.

I will send your results in email... the email address you put into your payment box... Please send your picture to my main email address, sophie@yourvibration.com

Once you have your result, you will know what keeps you stuck in life, what undermines all your efforts rendering them null and void, in the area of health, money, relationships, fulfillment...all of life...

If you sign up to the Bach strategy webinar, I'll send you an invite as soon as it is scheduled.

We'll spend time, in a workshop format, what it is that you need to do first, based on your Bach profile, so you can get unstuck... Priceless, if you ask me. You see, the Bach profile is invaluable information...

In the shopping cart you'll have a chance to buy all the Bach Energies in a zip file. Alternatively you can go to your health food store and buy the actual Bach Remedies... the first 38...

The whole set of Bach Energies is 48 energies... and some of the most harmful energies are the ones Dr. Bach could not find in the English countryside.

Get your FULL Bach Profile

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