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Awaken Your Consciousness To All That is Going on In Your Body and your Brain...

Consciousness Has been leaving it to your brain, to Your Detriment

    • It has been ignoring clear signals, guidance, trouble or otherwise...
    • It has been allowing your Egomind to run your life... keeping you rigid, and unable to see anything new
    • It has been using only others for guidance... and you are lead astray
    • But with this audio, while it's going on... you can do better

This almost magical energy gently pokes Consciousness to tell your body to self-repair. Make you healthier and make you wiser

    • You may have physical problems... illness, weakness, injuries.
    • You may have emotional problems: you can't shift your attention away from your troubles
    • You may have spiritual problems: you can't make a decision, you are afraid of taking a wrong step
    • You may not feel your body's guidance... and have no Self, no Inner Authority to guide you

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

A few years ago I paid a $100 a month to get group energy transmissions from an Indian guru... One time his student was also teleconferenced in. The two people transmitted energies that looked similar but worked very differently... So the effects, combined, are unbeatable.

Then I asked Source to duplicate those energies for me, so I can call them down myself. And then I asked permission to transmit them others.

The Big Bundle is the resulting energy...

The resulting energy works narrowly and wide... it works slicing and dicing offending foreign bodies, scrapes off obstructions, heals chafed tissues, clears blood vessels...restores suppleness of muscles and organs. Nothing short of miraculous.

I recorded myself breathing out the energy... and that is what you are buying.

Obviously much of the power gets lost in the recording... You get to pay for my permission to use the energy forever... and you pay less than what I charge for seven minutes energy transmission. So you get a good deal.

Do the recorded energy work as well as the direct remote energy? No... it loses about 90% of its power... so what you lose in intensity you can make up in time.

The loss is in the delivery, not in the energy.

I can tell the difference. When I directly download the energy to myself it shakes me up. With the audio it is a whole lot gentler, so I can do things while the headphones are on my ears.

More convenient, and on the long run, a whole lot more effective...

There is one caveat: you have to listen to my breathing on headphones... it doesn't work as a background, only through headphones. It doesn't need to be very loud, but if you can't hear it, it isn't doing anything... I listen to it at half-volume and it works famously.

I use a mono-aural ear-bud attached to a mini mp3 player that I keep plugged in and playing 24/7.

When I go walking: I use it in s sports headset that allows me to hear everything else as well, so no one can sneak up on me.

And I often have that same set of sports headphone on my ears while I write my articles... and they come out better.

Consciousness improves every aspect of my life... and if you allow it, it will do the same for you.

  • It will reduce your mental rigidity
  • It will allow you to learn new things
  • It will allow you to 'change your mind'
  • It will allow you to become a new person if that is what is needed


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