-Learn to create a context, a direction for you life and live from it

Juicy lifeContext is like the North Star that makes everything that happens in your life change because of it... It guides you

Once you learn how to create a context that empowers you, inspires you, call you up to be, life won't be the same

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

The recorded course was organized such that you could take all sessions and allow the context you created to be tested between sessions, and help you learn how to honor it, instead of honoring your emotions, your whims, your fear, etc. as you have been until now.

Each session had max 7 people in it, so it was intimate, it was intense, and it was personal. You didn't learn ABOUT context, instead you were asked to create and experiment with different contexts.

If you add a live session... I'll be there to muscle test if what you are creating is a good fit for you. If necessary, I'll add an additional session... some people are tough cookies... lol

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