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Something prevents you from getting into the driver's seat... so life happens to you, things happen to you... and you feel and are powerless

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

In the 53 invisible dynamics I teach, in detail, what is running human life, what is the tail that is wagging the dog...

I have been teaching the seven levels of ascension for about 10 years now.

The 7th level is the Playground, that originally was going to be just a regular course, but it has turned into a long program, given that unless you can see ALL the invisible dynamics, it is really hard to make substantial change that sticks.

This course is essentially part of the Playground curriculum, or could be.

  • In it we'll see what exactly, which exactly, how exactly the invisible dynamic stops YOU from becoming all you can be, from living a life that matters, from accessing your own personal power, from living a life you want.

It's an 'adult' course, and is only available to you if you have already got your Starting Point Measurements.

  • Why? Because that will show you and me where you drop the ball, even if and when you are really really really interested in becoming better. Even when you have a good reason to become better.

Even then the invisible dynamic takes over you life... and throws your reason away like it's nothing.

  • We'll spend time to ferret out what gives you juice, what turns you on, what gives you a twinkle in your aye... and we'll see how you can do more of that.

In this workshop I work, publicly with every participant who raises their hand. If you don't want to participate, don't raise your hand.

When I did my first 'transformational' course where I was a participant, I raise my hand on the last day and I was shut down... I cried for a few hours... The second course: same thing happened.

And for years I never raised my hand... once hurt twice shy...

But obviously I managed to overcome, and now you can't shut me up! lol.

The course will be about 3-4 hours long, in a webinar workshop format. To participate you have to have a good quality microphone, with no feedback of echo... or I'll mute you and you won't participate. Sorry.

If you are not willing to come, but want to hear the course, you can buy the recording when it's available.

The date of the course: April 18, Saturday, 4 pm New York time. That is 4 am in China (I think), early morning in Australia, 1 pm on the West Coast, and 10 pm in Continental Europe, 9 pm on the British Isles.

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