Juicy lifeContext is like the North Star. You create it first... and then continually cause it to be the context. Cause it to be the backdrop of every action or inaction... While you are working on a project

It gives a backbone to you and your life... a backbone you've been lacking.

Once you learn to cause the context that empowers you, inspires you, calls you up to be, life can change for you: you'll have some power over it.

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Most programs, workshops, religious or spiritual practices end their 'responsibility' for your results the moment you leave the room, the ashram... and then you are on your own.

And even if you did great while you were there... the moment you are on your own, you have all of life, all the people in your life interfere... and what you learned is out the window... disappears.

You, at best, become a 'christian' who is a Sunday Christian... not living and breathing the teachings of your god.

The hero program is priced so cheap so you can't use money as an excuse.

I know other coaches who would charge a thousand dollars a month... and you would still be on your own.

In the Hero program we invent the context of being a winner.

It is a context... the backdrop. It will not change the foreground, but it will influence it, and it will decide how you look at what happens in the foreground.

And that, I say, makes all the difference.

Your number one job in the program is to attend to the context. Like any possibility, and context IS an invented possibility, Possibility disappears, faster or slower, depending on how well you attend to it.

Without attending to the context, 'I am a winner', life, your project, everything quickly returns to business as usual, your default, and to how it was when you signed up.

So attending to the context is the MAIN JOB.

Your secondary job is to invent and work on a project.

ONE project. It has to be important and clear enough for you to actually want to work on it. It has to have a future you desire.

Your tertiary job is to set tasks (3) inside your project. Set the tasks, perform them and then report back on the Hero forum (private) inside the 'I am a winner' context.

You are allowed to share things that are not related to your project. but sharing, reporting on the three tasks is mandatory. Also mandatory is to share INSIDE the context... with the language of the context.

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