Juicy lifeCongratulations. Getting your personal Bach Flower Remedy is a major step towards raising your vibration...

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Why would these remedies raise your vibration? Right?

Well, what they do is remove the blockages that you have to self-growth. They remove your fear, your distrust, your self-image as a loser, or less than perfect, your selfishness, your selflessness, your propensity to struggle, fight, want to be right all the time, your impatience...

Then you will be able to start your soul's work, your soul's correction in earnest and earn your vibration.

So, here is what to do:

How To Use Your Bach Remedy Once It Arrives

How to take your Bach remedy:

There are two ways to take it:

1. Put two dropperfuls of the remedy into a bottle of clean water. One squeeze is a dropperful. In the daily water consumption. Drink at least 4 times a day. In the beginning, or when bad feelings rise, drink your "remedy water" more often. Each portion of the water needs to be at least two-three gulps.

2. If you don't have water, or you prefer to to carry the dropper bottle around: 4 times a day 4 drops on your tongue. Not under, on the tongue. Hold it for a second or two then swallow.

In the beginning you can do it really often. Until the symptoms lessen, normally in 3-4 days.

What to expect?

You'll belong to either the first or the second category

1. you'll experience immediate improvement. 70% of all people belong here. Then after 2-3 weeks you'll experience the feelings come back, stronger than before, then in a day or two they will go away.

2. you'll re-experience the feelings but stronger that before. If you are this type, your symptoms will go away probably for good. You'll be well after a few days.

A few weeks later I can retest you. You may need a different combination of flowers: one feeling gone it will reveal a deeper set of issues that need to be handled.

A new remedy cost the same as the first: don't forget, you are only paying cost. A "normal" Bach Remedy session + remedy runs from 40-80 dollars out in the real world and you need to go there physically and spend an hour or so of your own time. Reliability varies: those practitioners are NOT connected to Source, so their muscle testing is not reliable.

Please be prepared to give me feedback, OK?

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