Turn your craving into Power On Demand

When You Have An Organizing Principle, A CONTEXT For Your Life, Life Becomes Clear, and you'll have power to take powerful actions.

You Stop Being Pulled By Every Wave, Every Wind, Every Upset, Every Shiny Object, Because You Have Charted A Path For Your Life

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Practical Magic, I call it.

You create magic with your words... hell, isn't words that separates us from the animal kingdom? So our advantage over them is being able to create with language.

The real creation...

There are memes that you create your own reality... but no one really tells you the truth that your personal reality is not reality.

What I am talking about here is the kind of creation where YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, you didn't know you could...

And yet... you can and you do... as soon as you learn how to.

Now, warning: it is not easy. It takes practice. It takes adhering to some principles, it is not willy nilly.

But even brand new people, especially if they participate in a live workshop with me, can get magic-creating sentences... that work. That alter your behavior, alter your outlook, alter, essentially, who you are going to be.

For most people it is hard to keep your head straight, even if you know what you want. Because what you want is a having a "thing", it is a result.

In this workshop you have an opportunity to give your life to something that is important to you, and gives you an Organizing Principle...

  • When you hit a snag in your life... and you will, you will know where to look to regain your coherence and extricate yourself from the SNAG
  • When you feel low, when things don't turn your way... you'll look into your Organizing Principle, and you'll know how magnificent you really are
  • When you need to decide whether your relationships are equal trade... you'll know where to look: you guessed right, in your Organizing Principle, and you'll instantly know who and what you are worth
  • You'll start to define yourself not by the value you think you lack, but the value of the commitment your Organizing Principle has.
  • You'll reclaim your self respect
  • You'll reclaim your self love
  • You'll stop trying to get respect and love and accomplishment: you will have respect, love, and accomplishment as a starting point, instead

I would never have accurately guessed or see my default worldview, the moves of the machine and how it jerks me around without your guidance. Specially would not have been able to see that the machine has two different moves: forceful and meek. I know we haven't gotten to the inventing part yet, which is the hardest part but I feel already like taking this course is the best thing I've done.

Sweden, a participant in the 2017 workshop

You'll experience a whole new you, a kind of rebirth... and will undo much of the damage your upbringing, your family, your society inflicted on you... ...


That was a great Instant Coherence workshop!

I didn't know if I would get much out of the second time around since I already got my organizing principle=context the first time. But this time I got to find my default organizing principle and can now spot if I start to fall back into it.

Another thing I liked was hearing the other participant's organizing principles. I was actually inspired by them. This workshop is going to be a life-changer for so many people. It already has changed my life.

The workshop is getting better each time you run through it. I'm so glad you advised me to go!

Texas, a participant in the 2014 workshop

This was a live coaching type workshop. You needed to participate if you wanted to stay on the webinar

  • It was a 2-hour webinar where each person will be taken to a place where they can start seeing what Organizing Principle lights them up
  • You'll be inspired and helped by the work other people do in front of the microphone
  • You'll get one-on-one support by me, so you are not left to your own devices and left behind
  • You'll be treated with respect and appreciation... for the hard work and courage it takes to redefine your life

Once I did the work of bringing the Organizing Principle (context) to every area of my life, it all changed dramatically: new ways to define myself, new ways to relate to others and myself, new feelings for myself started to emerge.

I never expected the types of results I am experiencing.


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