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Without integrity nothing can work... your life can't work... your body can't work... You walk around dragging a ball and chain

And even though your life doesn't work you may even take pride that you are always on time, you do what you have to do, you don't lie... bah humbug. That is, mostly, a lie, and moreover: integrity is a lot more than that.

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

In the integrity workshop, 4 Saturdays, 2-3 hours each, and a lot of practice in between, I teach the how and the what and the why of integrity... so you start paying attention.

I cannot do the work for you... but if you remain clueless, you can't and won't either.

And worse than that: your life will continue to suck... Guaranteed. You will have no energy, no direction, no inner spirit, no joy, no self-love.

Because unless you clean up all of your integrity, including past actions and mistakes and failings, doing everything just right won't make a difference.

Cleaning up integrity is the most important of all activities, after all if you are trying to build a life on the skeletons of past wrongs, it will not last, it will not work, because the foundation is the most important part of a building.

The course includes a workbook to us to clean up integrity retrospectively and continually... to clean up the foundation.

Curriculum (may change):

Session 1:
what is integrity... a distinction... the integrity statement
find leaks to your integrity... incomplete cycles
just a brief introduction to the 'become a producer method': Robert Plank's

Session 2:
Full teaching of the 'become a producer method'
What is a project
What is the first action
What is the context?

Session 3:
It's all about the context, all about motivation, all about empowerment: altering the WHO so the what makes sense and become productive

Session 4:
Setting up a system to maintain integrity: the existence of your promises, projects and commitments.
stages/phases of a project

On the checkout page you'll find that you can pay for the course in payment or save by paying all upfront for the four sessions. You also have the option to buy the three DNA capacity activators that most people miss and the capacities that make it easier to actually start acting in your life with integrity, say no, and stop resisting what you said yes to.

The DNA capacity activation is optional. If you start the course and find it difficult, maybe even impossible to stay with what you said you would do, then come back and buy just the activations then... Then you'll know you needed them.

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