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Find your ITCH and do what you need to do so you can finally have a life, in spite of that ITCH...

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Most people feel a lot of stuff... others don't feel anything, at least not consciously.

I gave that workshop to alter the human condition for the participants where they were jerked around by their needs leaving them powerless.

Unless you can identify your ITCH and remove it, you'll never be able to live in reality where nothing is ever wrong.

Your life will be as predictable, predicated by your soul correction machine, as the weather in most areas. And as impossible to handle.

This workshop, all individual coaching sessions with participants, starts to shed light on what is moving you, what is the machine that is running your life.

Intimate knowledge is the price to pay for a life where you can live and produce, love, enjoy success and whatever else is available to you as the result of your actions... And not worry about all the things you are not getting, can't get, because it's not available, or it is not what you REALLY WANT anyway.

This is a profound knowledge, and no one onĀ  this Planet is teaching it... because they don't know it.

It has taken me 35 years of intense study, connecting to Source and get the guidance, working with hundreds of clients and students, to finally see clearly what is going on.

My roots are the teachings of Landmark Education/Werner Erhard, Kabbalah, Human Design, and Source... the all-knowledge.

No energy, no woowoo, no therapy, and even no coaching can do the work YOU need to do to clearly see, know intimately, like Adam KNEW Eve.

Find out what is your itch and how to eliminate it

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