Turn your desire for success, for health, for happiness into Power On Demand

It took humanity to get where it got tens of thousands of years... It will take a bit of learning for you to get to the next level... but you can.

You can change and become the best version of you for real.

Warning! this is a coaching program not a training!

If you are a beginner, new to my programs, you owe it to yourself to buy some of my training programs so you can really benefit from the coaching.


From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

There have been 27 layers to this mastery... turning an ordinary homo sapiens into a human being... extraordinary. The fish walking out of the water and starting live on the land is one former example of how big it is, how extraordinary it is.

I just hung up with my younger brother who is retired. We had, for the first time in our lives, a meaningful conversation.

He was arguing that humans can't change, just like leopards can change their spots.

I dare to differ. But as long as you think you can't change, you won't do what it takes to change how you see, how you think, what you do and how.

So you see, the number one requirement for this program to be successful for you is that you believe that you can change.

I can't cause that for you inside this program. You have to bring that with yourself.

So if you have your doubts, you may want to stop reading here... Nothing wrong, but you shouldn't sign up to do this program. it is not going to work.

Now, the past doesn't have to determine the future... but it does show a track record, and that may not be on the promising side... and yet, you can break with the past, and start, in earnest, work for a futureĀ  that is discontinuous with your past, actions or thinking or even education.

Because only inside a paradigm shift will you be able to produce the result we plan here: become a human being.

Inside the paradigm: homo sapiens it is not possible. Not just not probable: it is NOT possible.

In this coaching program I'll help you learn where to look, how to look, and why to look... and I'll activate missing capacities so you can.

In this program you only get help if and when you work on something. This is not a training program like all my other programs to date. You can come and learn from other people's mistakes, but unless you ask for coaching, I won't give it to you...

We'll, each session, shed light to invisible dynamics that once they are visible, give you incrementally more and more power.

And at some point, all that power will gel into the ultimate power: to shift the paradigm.

We'll learn to use language, speaking, to cause shifts, to focus ourselves, to define ourselves.

We'll measure and thus increase integrity which is the number two requirement for someone to produce results with their words.

We'll take responsibility for our lives, in detail, own everything we can own, everything that belongs to us.

We'll take control over our listening, our attention, and our will.

We'll learn moves in communication so nothing is left to chance, or the default communication that has never worked.

You'll give birth to a whole new you... and will undo much of the damage your upbringing, your family, your society inflicted on you...

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