Juicy lifeWhat is your eating style? What foods match your DNA? What foods match your level of health? What supplements may you need?

From: Sophie Sophie Benshitta Maven

Hi! my name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and I am a True Empath. I muscle test these measurements while I am connected to you AND connected to Source. Source answers these question, not my body. Source just uses my body... after all Source doesn't talk...

There are a few eating styles, or eating types. There is a list of 450 foods, including beverages and spices, that I'll measure for you if you can eat or drink...

And I'll measure you against the 90 essential nutrients that you either need or not.

It's a lot of information, but without it it is hard to lead you to complete health.

Evidence shows that just by eating what matches your body, you can heal many conditions, physical and emotional... get smarter, get more nimble, and live longer.

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