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The More Money Workshop Will Give you MORE freedom to earn money, to save money, to invest money and to spend money...

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven


In these trying times, a tiny fragment of the people will make out like a bandit, and the rest of us will suffer.


Will you suffer socially, emotionally, healthwise? Yes. But in this course we'll deal with only money and what ties in with it: work. Your ability and willingness to earn money, so you can spend it, invest it, save it...

The one visible layer and the three invisible dynamic layers is where we need to go...

If you have been told that it's beliefs that hold you back, you've been mislead.

Beliefs, ultimately, have nothing to do with how much money you can earn.

The mischief is elsewhere, and we need to dig for it.

How long will the classes be held? How long will it take before you can make more money?

Some will turn around and have a breakthrough after one session... Others will take longer... so I cannot predict. It will depend on your actions more than it will depend on me.

It will depend on your level of flexibility, on your ability and willingness to change your spots... and your ability and willingness to face the unknown, and the unfamiliar.

Who is this workshop for?

You may be brand new, a wriggling newbie... or you may have been with me for years, but notice that you have missed the fundamentals and now they are missing...

If you noticed that your financial situation, attitude hasn't changed, even though many other things about your life have.

You noticed that your behavior, with regards to making money, earning money, spending money, saving money has not changed.

  • You may be able to make money, but you spend it recklessly.
  • You may be a stingy saver of money.
  • You may give your money away...

Ultimately, our goal is to change your BEHAVIOR about money, so you can have what you want: a life you can love and live powerfully.

Whatever your reason for being here: I salute you.

Why? Because you are probably smarter than the average bear... You realize that unless you learn something new, unless you do something different than you've been doing, your life, at best, will remain the same, at worst it will get much worse.

I have been at this game, called Personal Development for a long time. 35 years. I learned, I changed myself, and then I turned around and taught it, coached about what I did, what I learned.

I have managed to change my financial situation with the methodology this course uses...

...nevertheless I want it more to change, so I'll be in the workshop right there with you... and that will allow me to be teaching you Tree of Life, instead of what I have already known, what everyone else teaches.

Luckily I am an Empath: I have a special ability: I can feel what people feel. I can feel their attitude. I can feel when they don't listen.  that means that although you have been lying to yourself, in this workshop we'll get to the truth, however unpleasant that will be.

You can't catch what you can't see, you can't catch what you have covered up with lies and pretense.

I can also connect to Source.

And triple luckily I can connect to YOUR FUTURE SELF, and see if you changed or not.

Your Future Self has had a different path, and is ahead of you. It either have what you wanted, or not... This will be a very important information, because if your future self is still struggling with money, we'll need to take out the big gun: energies. I am also an energy master.

Here are a few of the things that I have found can hold you back:

  • Maybe you don't value yourself enough... it seems that I don't.
  • Maybe you want something for nothing
  • Maybe you value only what you get with trickery, not what you get with effort.
  • Maybe you only care about looking rich... but you don't actually value money.

My main assignment in life is to develop a methodology that can facilitate homo sapiens, the current humanity's transition into Human Being... the next evolutionary stage of humanity.

But for many of you, money is a bigger concern than becoming a human being...

And therefore this workshop is all about money.

It's not a how-to course. It is a participatory workshop that is designed to cause transformation: a real root level change in you, so you can let go of who you have been with regards to money, and shift into a 'who' that is more productive, as far as money goes.

I can only promise what you CAN accomplish, not what you WILL.

You can do one course at a time, or all... if you sign up to all the courses, you'll have more access to me, and can ask questions, and get a reply.

Special bonus #1: I'll add the ITCH workshop that sells every day for $99.
Special bonus #2: A pre-class dealing with neediness...

The ITCH workshop gets to the seed level of your misery, to the driver of your racket, to the main reason you can't listen, can't see reality, can't be joyful and happy and productive... So it is the perfect companion to the More Money Workshop.

Sign up to the waiting list. I will fill the course from the waiting list... Not on the list? Sorry, you won't be able to sign up when it opens.

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