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If this page doesn't redirect... it is a technical mistake. Even thought I have two master's degrees in engineering, they are 50 and 39 years old... and so I am old too... and sometimes what I do, technically, in this new age doesn't work right away.

It is also true that I will, regularly update my knowledge, so what I said, maybe 10 years ago, is not as true today as it was then.

But, surprisingly, it was more true than most other people's teaching, because I get my knowledge and verification in a different way than others.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am a True Empath. And I am an innovator.

I don't invent stuff... I download them, test them, and the stuff is either able to pass muster... or not.

I talk about all the stuff in my two podcasts... both paying... The Sunday Rant, and the Distinctions Podcast.

Why am I charging for these? Because anything that is free won't make any impact... And I am all about impacting...

You can gather most if not all of these on the world wide web, for nothing... except your expertise, time, and if you have those: go ahead... But if you have those and you use your time to say no to me, you'll probably say no to everything I say... so go away and stay away. Please.

But if you value my suggestions, my teaching, and your time... then subscribe to the paid content.... The link will take you to the payment page

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