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Predatory Genes Adjustment

Have Your Number Of Predatory Genes Adjusted, So The Number Allows You To Use Your Higher Self In Your Life

"Things that bothered me before, petty things, just do not bother me any more"

Dear Sophie,
Thank you ! Yes, I have the headphones. Thank you. I am feeling so much better after having the reduction of p.genes from 10 to 3. Things that bothered me before, petty things, just do not any more. I feel better, in a subtle but very real way. Thank you for the truth and insight.
H from California

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am only the go-between

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and I am a spiritual maverick, and a True Empath.

I also have a working relationship with Source... And some of my requests are fulfilled by source, like adjusting a person's predatory genes, a person's who I am connected to when I am making this request.

This means actually a lot:

  • I can connect to Source
  • I can connect to a person if I have their picture
  • I can measure stuff about them, and I can ask Source to do something to them.

Now, the only requests source is willing to fulfill are requests that are in line with the Original Design... so, unfortunately I can't heal you, I can't make you rich, because those are individual requests...

But humanity and the Planet to survive and live, according to the Original Design, is Source's interest, so Source does fulfill requests like that.

All I need from you is your request (payment) and a way to connect to you.

The results have been phenomenal, whether the number of predatory genes was too low or too high, the results are staggering and almost instantaneous.

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