Juicy lifeYour life is a series of misfortunes, it seems. You are successful and then your success doesn't last... A flash in the pan...

It's not personal. There is a lesson you haven't learned... You have been violating or blaming the world, others, maybe even yourself... But that didn't fix anything, did it?

In this workshop my job is to take you to a place where you are free to be yourself and at the same time you are joyful, productive, and fulfilled... on one condition: you stop making the same mistake you made 'originally'.

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven


What is the rock, should be your question... Of course if you are a Christian, you think that the Bible's interpretation that if you build your house on your faith on Jesus, then it is on solid rock.

But I dare to differ.

I am not arguing... I am just saying that belief, believing how the world works, unless there is a strong relationship between reality and the belief, is a sure way to build your house on thin air.

I am not a Bible scholar. And, because the Bible is written as code, even the Jesus parts, in parables and stories, open for interpretation, most people interpret however they interpret it, and judging from the low level of astuteness of the world, you can be 99% sure that the interpretation is no useful to you.

So your best bet is to learn how the heck the world works, so you can be aligned with it, instead of butting heads all the time, causing you to have a bloody head, and frustration all the time.

Of course, in this course we won't have time to learn everything about the world. We'll learn one thing and one thing only: the part that no one teaches, because they don't know: that you have been out of alignment with how the world works, and all your complaints are a demonstration of that.

Every time you say or thing 'it's wrong' you express it.

You reserve your right to set the rules, as if you hadn't arrived to a game that has been going on forever. There are rules, and your job is to learn them and adjust your behavior so you don't bloody yourself by banging yourself up.

And whether you are just plain stupid, or you haven't learned the lesson, this class may make bigger difference than anything you have ever learned, because this is the missing piece between life being enjoyable or a constant source of frustration.

But beware: finding out that you have been stupid is painful, and your egomind won't like it. It will act up, and try to destroy everything you have... So be forewarned... and tread lightly.

If you take the plunge before Friday February 19 midnight, you are courageous, and I reward good behavior here... Use the coupon code HALFROCK to get a big discount.

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