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Second Phase Activators

Activate The Base Feeling Capacities And Heal The Underlying Wounds Life Has Caused You

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

This was a 14-week course (that went for 20 weeks) with four 2-hour long sessions every week. So it is very long, lots of videos (about 100).

If you want to buy it, you can... It's 100 videos and $340...

So it is a much better deal to buy the Compact version

These activators, just like the Unconditional Love Activators, are command based... yet they can be infused in water and downloaded into you.

I have the compact version on special till the end of the week... with a coupon.

The special is for the compact version of the course. In the original 20-week course, there were a group of people who could not come to the live calls during the week, so I did a Sunday shortened, compact version of what I taught during the week, including the energy downloads.

Those Sunday sessions are the Compact Version... it has everything, but a whole lot less sessions, a whole lot less explanation.

One of my students said that he is watching the videos while the Big Bundle is playing in Windows Media Player, so he hears both the video and the Big Bundle. He says that the activations are more effective that way... I can see why. The Big Bundle doesn't allow you to casually listen with your mind... where nothing makes a difference

Until this coming Sunday you can use a coupon and slash the price of the course.

Slash the price of this 20 week course that created more high vibration students than all my other courses together

Use coupon code: COMPACT at checkout

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