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Face The Tiger... Whatever the Tiger is

The title of this course is based on a fictitious story of the Bengal Tiger

A research group visits this Indian village that is right by the jungle where the great white tigers live. The great white tiger visits the village many times a year and feeds on the people there.

In India great white tigers are sacred and can’t be killed, so you can imagine what it’s like.

The researchers asked every child in the village about their dreams. This is what they found:

The little ones, under 7 dreamed about hiding from the tiger. Children between 8 and 10 dreamed about outrunning the tiger. Between 10 and 13, the dreamed about outsmarting the tiger. Youth over 13 dreamed about facing the tiger.

white tiger cubsI assert that the majority of the population hasn’t arrived to the level of maturity associated with 13 and up. How do I know? Because they are stuck in one of the younger ways of coping with challenges, with hiding, outrunning, outsmarting them, instead of really facing them square.

In the Michelangelo method we face the issues and eliminate them, one by one, so people can spend their lives accomplishing their dreams, fulfill on their potential, and live their life as the masterpiece they were intended to be.

You can’t catch what you don’t see.

What keeps you stuck is keeping your Dark Side sacred and tucked away... so you don't have to face it.

In this course, with the help of distinctions, exercises, and my empath ability we slowly and thoroughly start revealing what is holding you back from growing up, from living a life suitable for a human being.

Sophie muscletestingFrom: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Hi, my name is Sophie, and I am a True Empath... and I am here to find ways for homo sapiens to live a life worth living.

I gave these workshops to alter the human condition for the participants where they spend most of their energies to fool themselves and fool other... hiding. Pretending to be powerless. Pretending to be stupid, confused, cowardly, while it's all a charade.

They just want to look good, or make others wrong, never taking ownership of their own dark side, evil inclination, or their 'machine'.

In my workshops there is no lecturing, everything gets revealed through the 1-on-1 coaching... you learn to see, learn to 'tame' the tiger from their example.

Time and date

Saturday, September 17 11 am EDT.

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