Juicy lifeWhat is your soul correction? The predictable attitude and behavior you bring to life, people, to work...

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven Sophie Benshitta Maven

Soul Correction, as a concept, comes from the Kabbalah... a mystical tradition that uses numbers (numerology) to penetrate the mysteries of life and the universe.

Each of us were born on a certain date, and your soul correction is, according to Kabbalah, has something to do with your date of birth. Not high truth value, and yet: the concept has a lot of value for the person, and for the coach: it directs their attention to certain behaviors and attitudes that otherwise would be just 'another thing'... which they mostly aren't.

I have been working with this concept for 13 years now, daily, and I do see higher truth value in my work because of it...

The books that were written to explain are only 10% truth value, while my articles distilled from my direct experience with people take that truth value to 70%.


Hi! my name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and I am a True Empath. I muscle test these measurements while I am connected to you AND connected to Source. Source answers these question, not my body. Source just uses my body... after all Source doesn't talk...

That's why? I see you outside, I hear what you say, see what you do, and I feel what is going on inside, what you try to hide, from me, and even from yourself.

Knowing your machine (soul correction is a machine) is invaluable if you aspire to become happy, self-realized, productive, and fulfilled.

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