How come some people get results and other don’t, when they do a program?

reticular-activating-system-functionThe easy and obvious answer would be that some do the work of the program, others don’t.

But what if neither do the work? And yet, some have results, and other don’t.

What is the explanation? Are the “some” smarter?

The answer is is your reticular activator.

The reticular activator works for you behind the scenes

The reticular activator function is an attention function. It is also a pattern recognizing, zeroing in function, much like a heat seeking missile: it cannot miss. It is a function that below your conscious awareness gets the work done for you.

Your attitude to the program either works with your reticular activator or it doesn’t. And that largely depends on your attitude about yourself.

Most people have given up on themselves long time ago. Completely… And yet, they pay for programs, hoping that something will change about them, that this time it will be different.

But hope is the surest way to HIDE what’s underneath it: knowing that what you desire is impossible for you.

So when you hope to get some work done, you know you won’t: based on your past performance, based on your experience of yourself. And you won’t gt any work done.

When you hope that a program will work for you, it hides that you have given up on yourself, and that your attention is cursory, and the moment you get off a call you won’t do anything with it. Neither consciously, nor unconsciously. Or you won’t do enought with it.

I have a student who doesn’t have the intelligence to first disconnect and then make the grunting noises that give away his attitude: “oh well, it would be nice.” He comes to calls, but he isn’t growing.

To kick your reticular activator into action you need to trust that you can, or it won’t kick in.

How do you get to be someone whose reticular activator will work? You need to bring some integrity, regularly, into your life.

The fastest way to bring integrity into your life, so you can benefit from the Reticular Activator’s help

The fastest way to do that is to say “no” to all the lofty ideals you have no real intention to act on. To cancel promises, cancel intentions, cancel projects.

To tell the truth about what battles you’ll fight in and what battles you won’t.

I have given up keeping my house clean. I have said no to it, consciously, intentionally, so I can restore some of my integrity. I have said no to a lot of things.

The second fastest way to bring some integrity into your life

The second fastest way to bring some integrity into your life, is to break down what you intend to do to doable baby steps… tell the truth about yourself and about the project, take an inventory of what you have to offer, what are your resources, time, knowledge, skill, and then schedule the project to become doable with what you have, instead of being pie in the sky, unrealistic, and never accomplished.

The things that you have, consciously or unconsciously committed to, but not doing, or not doing enough are the things that keep your self-image such that your reticular activator knows you have given up on yourself.

The guy with the grunts has a secret project of becoming one with God, and he is unwilling to give up on that. Of course there is no God, and even if there was a God, you can’t become one with it, because you live on Planet Earth, and not in the rarified atmosphere of divinity.

As long as he insists to keep that impossible project as the goal of his life, he will be poor, underachiever, unhealthy, and unhappy. Why? Because the impossibility of your life’s goal, the most important thing you want to accomplish, makes doing what you need to do to have a decent life senseless, meaningless, and not ever done.

You need to create a path to lofty goals, and start accomplishing the lowest steps of that path… You will be happy and fulfilled even if you never arrive to your lofty goal.

This is a great insight for me: my goal is very lofty, and it is not happening. I have never created a path, steps, milestones, that I could work on and feel good about myself.

So you are not alone: this is a human being thing… you can do it.

If you need help creating steps in the right direction, sign up to a month of the Happiness coaching: I’d be happy to help you with that.

When we are done with that, start working on the very first step, and do it as if your life depended on it… because it does. When you know yourself as someone who does what you said you would do, you have respect and regard for yourself. And then…

And then the Reticular Activator will kick in, and start doing a lot of the work for you, without your conscious awareness… you’ll just have the results, and that is the closest you’ll ever get to a “magic bullet”.

But remember, you have to do the work that earns you self-respect and self-regard… or no Reticular Activator help is coming.

Some say that the Reticular Activator’s key is commitment.

But if your relationship to commitment is casual and resigned, then the Reticular Activator won’t do scat. You can be certain about that.

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