Li Hongzi and Falun Dafa

Li Hongzi and Falun Dafa

The person: has he ever connected? yes
is he connecting today? no
his personal vibration: 355 updated on 10/26/15: 170
do followers connect to Source? no
does he know how to connect to Source? no
methodology vibration: 245 truth value: 1%
does it raise the practitioner’s vibration? no

My observations: he, Mr. Li has connected at one time or another to Source. It is possible to connect through the tongue to the roof method if the pressure is taken to the tangerine spot. He did it, long time ago, but because he didn’t know it was relevant, he isn’t doing it, hasn’t done it since and he doesn’t teach that.

His followers don’t do it, therefore the methodology doesn’t connect you to Source. Not recommended.

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3 thoughts on “Li Hongzi and Falun Dafa”

  1. Csókolom Zsófi!

    Thanks for mentioning Fálun Dáfá. We have a Hungarian language website at:

    Actually the Fálun Dáfá master DOES mention the tongue tip touching the upper palate in the exercise music, on the exercises instruction DVD video and in the book China Falun Gong.

    Many people don't notice it because it just becomes natural to do it. Sometimes I position my tongue there without even thinking about it.

    Actually the tongue position is a very tiny part of Fálun Dáfá exercises. You should read more because you might find it very interesting. We have a Hungarian translation of the book (Kína Fálun Gong).



  2. Jo napot kivanok, Ricsi,

    If you came to a connection call, you would know that the tongue on the roof only takes you to alpha state: you can't connect to Source in alpha. You need to be in theta.

    The review is a vibrational review, and it checks if the modality connects to Source (Isten?) or not.

    Falun Dafa doesn't. And therefore its vibration is low, 245. Highest is 1000. 245 isn't even a passing grade for a spiritual practice.

    If you did the same thing, while connected, just by extending the pressure of the tongue to the Tangerine spot, the meditation exercise would start to raise your vibration, because its vibration would be 300. Not high, but respectable.

    The tongue position is the only important part of Falun Dafa, of course you don't know it.

    Bottom line: I am not complimenting and recommending Falun Dafa, exactly the opposite. Vibration of 245 on a scale of 1 to 1000 isn't a passing grade, it's an F (vagy Magyarorszagon: megbukott)

  3. Csókolom Zsófi!

    You might be right about the vibrations, but Fálun Dáfá goes far beyond molecular movements and is an entire self-perfection system for the mind, body and spirit with an ultimate goal of enlightenment.

    If you are looking for something with vibrations, I suggest trying an aerobics or gym class because most of Fálun Dáfá’s practice is done without motion.


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