Updated: How To Protect Your Energies, How To Become Energetically Invisible, How To Isolate Yourself From Others. Cloaking and Bubbling

blowing soap bubbleOnce I remove your attachments, you are not protected forever. You may get new attachments.

This is, normally, from what YOU do.

Here is how I get attachments: I connect to someone… I lean it, I merge with them.

It hasn’t happened much that someone found me, without me connecting to them first… So don’t lean in too close… Keep your distance… But if you can’t… here is an energetic method to protect Your Energies, How To Become Energetically Invisible, How To Isolate Yourself From Others

These are exercises or methods that work. I have tested, and the people I taught them to have been using them effectively.

What’s the issue?

Sometimes your environment wants to use your energy. Sometimes people want to “enroll” you in their view of the world, which is ALWAYS low vibration. Sometimes they want to dump on you.

Just like in air travel, when there is trouble and the oxygen masks fall, your job is to put the mask first on your face, and then on someone else’s that may need your assistance, in real life you need to help yourself first.

Why? Because if you perish, become immobilized, sick, then you are not good for anyone, including yourself.

The same exact way, you MUST protect your energies, you must be well, before you help, assist, teach, or work for someone else.

How do you do it?

Depending on the issue,you can do one or two things (probably there are other methods, but these are the two I use and teach)

    popup tent for cloaking yourself energetically

  1. Cloaking

    This makes you energetically invisible and impenetrable by energy, including emotions. It’s like a raincoat for emotional storms.

    There is a lake in Syracuse that is poisoned by industry. The lake’s vibration is 35, grief. If you are sensitive, if you are an empath, you can hear and feel that it sobs, screams, pulls on your heartstrings. You want to kill yourself it is so horrible.

    Whenever I drive past it, I prepare myself and cloak myself. Sometimes I forget and I have to do it in a hurry… so you can do it while you drive.

    The emotional energy of the outside bounces back from the cloak. It’s like a shield to protect you.

    eyes up: connect to Source This is how you do it: the goal is to put a tent over yourself, in a hurry. You may know those pop-up tents. Imagine one dropping in front of you on the ground and its springs pop it over your head.

    You must follow the tent as it comes from the front all the way to behind for it to work. Anything not witnessed doesn’t happen.

    You can even do this in the middle of an eye-to-eye conversation: you just pretend that you are thinking about something that’s why you look up. When you look up you also connect to Source… Don’t move your head, just your eyes.

    The cloaking stays on and active as long as you pay any attention to it.

  2. soap bubble to bubble yourself to isolate yourself from any emotion Bubbling

    When cloaking is not enough and you still feel the turbulence of emotions, then you will find respite in bubbling.

    Imagine blowing soap bubbles. Pick one bubble, see it shimmering, see the colors of the rainbow in it. Start growing it to become big enough for you to step into it. With your imagination only, of course. You can do it with your eyes closed or open.

    When it is big enough, step into it, one foot at a time. Once you are in, the bubble closes on its own accord.

    Second step: fill up the bubble with thick white foamy light coming from your palms. You need to stretch your palms for this to work. After some practice you can even imagine a pyramid growing out of each palm, the size of a walnut: that will make the light feel even more nurturing.

    Once the bubble is filled (60-90 seconds for me) it becomes lighter than air, and starts lifting and flowing above ground.

    You are now totally isolated and protected from even your own feelings. Why? I don’t know. I am sharing my experience.

    You don’t need to have special imagination or abilities to do this: in my experience human beings are equipped to create with their thought. We are, after all, made of thinking stuff…

    If you know how to, connect to Source while you are doing this.

Now you know how to protect yourself.

It’s quite another thing to protect your environment from you! lol.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Updated: How To Protect Your Energies, How To Become Energetically Invisible, How To Isolate Yourself From Others. Cloaking and Bubbling”

  1. Years ago, my best friends mother was dying of colon cancer. She was in hospice. I went to rub her feet and gave her a long foot massage. People came in and out of her room, kissed her, and she was unresponsive. I just massaged, and left a couple hours later. For the next few days, I was way off center, not at all myself. I was lost. My girlfriend reported to me that her mother was doing laps round the nurses station in her new walker and wanted to meet with the family with regard to her last wishes. WHAT? She was lethargic! Luckily for me, a massage therapist in our office knew Lakota Indian practices and helped me get back to me. I learned some protection techniques. Paula and her family got their mom, lucid for another week, then a nice funeral. I had no clue this shit could happen. NONE. I was pretty lucky that I learned through someone I loved. ( Paula’s mom) What if it had been someone horrid?! This has to happen alot more often than is spoken about. I know this is an older post, but it’s really important. thanks for your work. I see snippets of my life through it. I wish I had found you years ago.

  2. Consider, Ann, that if you could learn to be a pass-through, instead of a destination for the bad stuff, you could release it to the Light or you could release it to Mother Earth, and be untouched. Like the Giant in the move The Green Mile.

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