Vibrational Review: Tamra Oviatt and

I had a reader send me a comment, complaining of a sudden deterioration of health and connection after she connected to Tamra Oviatt.

Here is a vibrational review of Tamra Oviatt:

tamra oviatt vibrational reviewI went to her site, and looked around. I did not connect… if she put an attachment on the reader, she’ll doubly put an attachment on me…

I asked (muscle tested while connected to Source) if I am allowed to connect to her… No.
I asked if I am allowed to measure her vibration: No.

My educated guess is that she is a Dark Side Practitioner and my recommendation: stay away from her, unless you like the Dark Side.

Her site says: “Unplug from the collective consciousness…” but you have to be plugged in some consciousness… and her choice is to plug you to the Dark Side.

I may have a chance to remove the “plug” I call attachment, and I’ll let you know what else I find.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Tamra Oviatt and”

  1. Repeat your technique… ‘Dark energies’ may have blocked you accessing her work.

    Tamra Oviatt’s activations truly help you shift dramatically, in a positive way, towards the light.

  2. Tamra oviatt used theta healing technique to develop her own if theta healing technique is high vibrational then her activations may also have high vibration.may be everyone should develop the ability to see the energies and find the truth instead of relying other people’s judgements

  3. I am sure you consider yourself an authority and you consider yourself high vibration (70). On the other hand, it feels to me you are a hired hand for reputation management. And I just got an attachment from connecting to you… so you may be Tamra Oviatt herself? Hm… let me remove the attachment.

  4. feeling bad is not a necessarily bad sign. People feel bad when they first start to use the Heaven on Earth… a good activation brings out the bad first… but of course I don’t know you, so…

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