Soul Correction: what is it? what if you don’t know it? what if you don’t do it?

soul correction Soul Correction: a never ending job…

Ever since last June Source and the Soul have been pressuring me to move. Just move… Where to?

Madness, if you want to know! After all I have a local business, and moving puts you out of business. I have done that and it’s bad. Going from comfortable income to no income… Noooo!

One of the places that came up regularly was X city. What’s there? I asked. Someone you need to meet. ‘I don’t want to meet anyone, thank you…’ I stayed put.

About a month or maybe longer ago the pressure disappeared. Lovely.

A few days ago, I think on Friday I got curious. I asked if I am going to stay. The answer was yes. Great. What changed? The person in X city will find me anyway. OK. I am looking forward to it.

And I was. I started to fantasize about all the great stuff that could come out of a friendship. I am a little isolated and alone…

Then, Saturday someone from X city sent me 2 bucks to measure their vibration. Oh, it can’t be this person, a person so stingy can’t be of interest to me. As soon as I finished that thought another donation came from the same person, this one about $20. Now, that is more like it, lol.

I measured the person’s vibration and it was 495. Wow, I had never measured a vibration this high for a persona I actually could talk to… How exciting.

We corresponded, and I asked to talk to them. We spoke on the phone. It didn’t go well. I was trying to impress them, and it didn’t go well.

I got an email to day that they are not interested in being friends.

I wept. Then I thought that this is part of my soul correction: to be humble, and for sure I was not humble on that call. I thanked the person in my heart for teaching me a lesson.

I am well now.

What is the bottom line? you have a soul correction. If you are willing to work on it, you will be given opportunities to do the work: and your job is to be grateful and do the work.

Grieving over making a mistake is not doing the work. Learning from the mistake and be willing to be different is.

I have an acquaintance. He used to work for me when I had my magazine. I am doing the techie work on his website.

His soul correction is to stop lying. What do you think his occupation is? He works for an electronics store in Manhattan. Not any odd electronics store, mind you, for a Syrian owned store. The culture of Syrians is to lie, steal, rob (my opinion, probably not the truth!). Every time he doesn’t take even the shirt from a buyer, his bosses yell at him.

The perfect (?) environment to do his soul correction. After all it’s easy to do well, be good, if the circumstances don’t force you (in a way) to be your “usual” self. For him: a bullshitting salesman, for me a know-it-all.

It’s quite another thing to do well with soul correction in that environment.

The more he can even do a little bit, the more “light” he gets. Or I get. Or you get.

When he goes back to being his usual self, all the gains he got from walking around connected through his Tangerine Spot will be taken away. The money, the peace of mind, the better thoughts, the ability to listen.

I warned him today. I hope he heard me. I hope you hear me.

What is your soul’s correction? It is, somehow, connected to your date of birth.

Send me a donation of $15 or more and your year/month/day of birth and I’ll send you your soul correction.

let me measure your vibration

PS: Why do I ask for donation? Is it because I am money-hungry? No. It is furthest from my personality.

I am asking for a donation because I prefer to work with people who are willing to invest a few dollars into their own self-development.

People that aren’t willing, won’t do the work, and I don’t want to deal with them. After all, it’s my choice to choose who I want to work with, and who I don’t.

If you feel discriminated against, this is probably part of your soul correction.

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