Energies… a series… Part 1: Subtle energies

invisible-energiesEnergies: Subtle energies

This is going to be a series on energies. I will try to make it such that regardless of your vibration, regardless on the level of your education, you will be able to get a glimpse into the invisible world of energies.

Make no mistake about it: energies are invisible. Just like light. You can only see the light’s effects… You don’t see light, you see the effect of it. But you can FEEL energy

If there is nothing to reflect it, to vibrate with it, you’ll see no light.

I am going to use examples, and you are going to “get it.” It will undo some of the misleading information you have been bombarded with.

And knowledge is power. My promise is that after reading this series you’ll have more personal power… Use it for good! Please.

Subtle energies… the energies of unconscious communication

No one is surprised when a cat or a dog senses something about you, or another person. Everyone takes it for granted that cats and dogs can feel something…

We call is sixth sense, but it really is innate to every person as well. Some people still pay attention to it, but even they don’t know what they feel, where it is coming from.

Sometimes, to prove a point, I make people demonstrate, to themselves one of the easiest and most obvious energy that is innate to a human: physical chi.

Physical Chi

It radiates through the palm, and with practice you can learn to increase its range: I can throw quite far, but I can’t stretch my arms wider than a few feet wide… so I can’t be sure.

The energy doesn’t reflect 100% back from glass… some of it goes through it, some of it reflects.

Your “social” radar

There is another energy that everyone has, and it projects through the navel. That is the energy that others find attractive or threatening, because the energy significantly changes with your intentions.

When you slouch, it says: coward. It says: taker. It says: hiding. It says: slimy.
When you stride and you feel your energy in your center (right in your navel!) no one can resist you.

Although the energy is generated in your navel area, the switch is in the back, in the sacrum. Just straightening up turns the energy on.

Not the only energy where the switch and the “light source” are not at the same place, just think of the light switch and the light bulb… not together and yet.

You can feel others’ energy, but you are in your own head about your own.

The energies are broadcasting all the time, you can’t even turn them off. It is like a 24/7 radio broadcast.

If you watch television, or if you read, or talk to other people, you can tune it out. And you have, at least consciously.

Instead, you make your decisions, about things, in your mind… and the mind doesn’t see things, it contains secondary, derivative information, your opinion, your take on things, or other people’s opinion, other people’s take on things. Not the fact. Never the fact.

But we have receptors, everyone has them, just like everyone has ears…

And we, under our conscious awareness, can recognize warm energy, inviting energy, confident energy, healing energy, and the threatening, paralyzing energy of domination, control, predator energies.

You feel it and then you are explaining it with your mind. We, humans, try to explain everything, but our explanations are just that: explanations: an attempt to translate energies to words…

An aside:

Actors acting in a role, need to have a feel for the energies or we call them bad actors, as in clueless, inauthentic, etc.

When you read a book and then you watch a movie based on that book, more often than not, the characters are completely misunderstood: their energy is not the same: you can’t enjoy it.

I like Michael Connelly books, and I have watched movies made from his books… that is what makes those movies so bad… the energy, the personal energy, the personal intent, the inner vibration is mucked up… not the same, not the character I’d like to read again and again.

Is it good for me? Receptor

I have developed my sensitivity. I can now be close to a food in the store, connect to it, and feel its effect on me.

Remember, there is not inherently good, or intrinsically bad. It is either good for your body, your person, at this time, or it isn’t.

The problem with blanket statements is that they are wrong at least some of the time.

Tea may be good for you in the morning, but it may not be good for you at bedtime. Potassium may be good for you on hot sweaty day, but not good for you every day.

Anyone who says blanket generalities “it’s good for you” “it’s bad for you” just please know that they are lying. Probably not intentional. But their advice is really not useful for you on the long run.

In the next article, I’ll explain how your “context”, also called sometimes “agenda” or “purpose” gets broadcasted loud and clear for everyone to get even before you open your mouth.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Energies… a series… Part 1: Subtle energies”

  1. Thank you Sophie. I am grateful for this post/potential series. You state this information so clearly. I have been connecting with food (and animals and plants and sometimes people although the feedback can get a little muddy with the latter, presumably because I am more opinionated and as you say, the mind deadens the feedback) for some years. While the feedback I get from connecting is consistently accurate, I have often wondered, am I making this up? I look forward to the process of reclaiming all my senses.

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