Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments To Prosperity: The Spiritual Laws of Money That You Have Not Known Or Ignored And Now Paying The Price Part 2

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The Second commandment of Prosperity: Extend the Network of Your Connectedness to Many People…

All money will come to you via people. People will pay for the value you provide… whether it is in the form of goods, services, time, entertainment, or knowledge. The more people you know and have a give and take relationship with, the more you build a strong foundation for making money and building wealth.

Most people have one-sided relationships, they are either the giver or the receiver, so they repel money, and the relationships are quite useless. There is always a hidden agenda instead of a relationship. You want something and that is the foundation for the ‘relationship.’ Even if what you want is to feel good about yourself as a giver, it’s a hidden agenda. You pretend to be good, but you are selfish and use other people.

This commandment is really difficult for me: I am an empath, and I am a loner. The two go hand in hand… by the way.

My problem hasn’t been having an agenda, not even having one-sided relationships: I have caught that about a year ago and have removed the lopsidedness from all my relationships without removing the relationship. It wasn’t easy, but it was doable.

The bottomless pit type of people now either have to pay for what they get, or reciprocate: it is like pulling teeth, but now there is integrity even in those relationships.

The hard part for me is connected to my style. My style is a mixture of superiority and like an oracle.

I say everything with the air of an oracle. The truth is that I am, in the moment of speaking, saying the highest truth, and the “channeled” truth — listen up!! — filtered through the vocabulary that is available to me. Filtered through the knowledge I already have. So it is never the whole truth, and it is never the “last” truth: just look at this article.

The knowledge it is based on vibrates at 500. Do you think this is the highest truth about money? The numbers don’t say that. But it is the highest I can see from the limited perspective of my human mind.

So my “arrogance” always has the little disclaimer attached to it, saying “as far as I can see it.”

So, given that this attitude repels a lot of people, my chances to have a real nice network of connectedness is going to be hard.

When, some 5 years ago, a Kabbalistic astrologer told me that all good, all money, all I ever wanted, will come to me through people I sobbed for a week. I KNEW that I was going to live poor, and needy for the rest of my life. But I started to work right away on this. Did I get better? A little bit. Just enough to remove the horrible superiority/condescension from my style.

Friends noted it, and now I have a lot more people in my network than I had 5 years ago. A lot more.

The Third Commandment: Get to Know Yourself…

Most of us are delusional about ourselves. We either think we are all good or all bad. Know what you know, know what you don’t know, and start expanding. Suspect that there is a ton of stuff that you know, but you don’t know that you know it. Activate that knowledge. And suspect that there is an even bigger ton of stuff that you don’t know that you don’t know. A lot of it is stuff that you are sure of, but is wrong. Most of the gurus I write a review about are examples of that phenomenon. Don’t be so sure of what you know.

Self-esteem is not the thing to strive for: mass murderers have the highest self esteem of all people…

Also, if you are a man from a culture where only boys have value, where your mother told you with words and with her actions that you are a prince: just know, believing her will hurt you. Mothers like that hurt you by inflating your self-worth, prepare you for a life of disappointment and bitterness. You are not as good as she says, and you are not as bad as other cultures’ mothers make their children feel. You are normal, and what you need to know is exactly what you are…

Start measuring yourself by other people’s esteem of you: after all they will be paying money for the value you provide, so their esteem of you is the yardstick by which to measure yourself: your money surely will.

Your family’s opinion, alas, doesn’t count. They have a vested interest to make you feel big or small, depending on their culture.

Different cultures behave differently. The strongest mathematics education is in South Korea. Yet the South Korean students consider their knowledge needing improvement. Nearly the weakest mathematics education is in the United States, but when you interview students about their level of mathematics, they will say (and believe) that they are pretty good.

The best attitude to take is that you are somewhere below who you could become, and work becoming better. That never fails.

Everything you do, everything you say, everything you write shows others where you are on that continuum… there is always room (and need) for improvement.

The Fourth Commandment: Do Not Pursue Perfection…

It is not possible, and it’s not necessary to go for perfection. You need to provide good value for a good price. You need to drop perfectionist attitudes: no one pays for perfection. There is no such thing, and if there were: it would be too expensive.

In addition to that, you can’t make corrections if you don’t make mistakes. The “improved version” on labels show that even good can be improved upon. You need to put out your thoughts and your stuff to people to see and use and give you feedback.

Your feedback is invaluable. You’ll find out if what you hold dear to you is valuable to other people. You’ll find out if how you view your contribution is how the recipient views it: if not, they won’t buy it.

It is more important to be on a feedback based improvement curve than to polish your stuff that nobody wants, or nobody can afford to buy.

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