Pimples, acne, and other unsightly or itchy skin troubles

take-cold-showersHumans, are smarter than animals. On the other hand, they are ignoring their cellular intelligence… that has as much knowledge as their mind.

Animal species have survived because they adapted to circumstances, and because only the strongest specimen of each species was allowed to multiply.

Let’s talk about adaptation.

It’s 94 degrees in Syracuse today, and I don’t have air conditioner.

So how do I survive? How am I well regardless of the circumstances?

cold shower to cool off in the summerTwo years ago I put up a bunch of bird baths on my deck (which is on the third floor, by the way, in the crown of the trees…) for my own sake: although I work most of my time in front of my computer, I lift my eyes when a bird bathes, splashes around, so my eyes don’t get so tired.

I used to suffer a lot from heat, but somehow I learned something from the birds: an occasional dip in water allows the body to cool itself.

This is the third summer in a row that I don’t suffer. I go to the bathroom, I lean into the tub, open the cold shower, allow it to cool my head and my shoulders, towel off, and go back to work.

Takes less than a minute. The longest part of this process is drying my ears, lol.

Birds are able to survive in hot temperatures because of this habit of using water as a cooling agent.

What else did I learn from animals, that my body already knew?

Wild animals pay attention to their internal states, hunger, thirst, or any discomfort.

They drink enough water. They eat when they are hungry (domesticated animals, dogs, etc… get fat… they adapted to domestication too well… don’t listen to their bodies.)

Animals know when they need to purge, when they need to fast, when they need to find plants that will counter the ailments their ancestors have learned to heal.

Humans ask their doctors, search the internet, and what they find is what makes money for someone, not what is a time-tested remedy, no cost or low cost…

I was wondering if humans could survive a world where 94 degree temperatures are the norm, and there is no air conditioning.

The species, the crowning achievement of Life so far, is capably, but I wonder if the current humanity would be able to evolve in wisdom to survive.

One of the wisdom wild animals know, and domesticated animals forgot or aren’t allowed to use, is that skin issues are almost always from an inner inbalance or toxin.

There is a guy in my street who owns a beautiful German Shepard. He hits his dog every time the dog wants to eat a piece of grass… knowing that the dog will throw up.

He is the typical human: forcing his own stupidity on the poor dog. He is fat, he has horrible skin condition… and forcing his dog to follow suit, get fat, get sick.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Pimples, acne, and other unsightly or itchy skin troubles”

  1. Good article! I’ve been thinking about the same thing. It’s hot in TX but I try not to use AC. I hate it because I think it messes up my homeostasis. When I don’t use AC I feel like my body adjusts well to the temperature and when I go outside my body doesn’t feel shocked. It feels naturally to me to live like nature intended.

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