Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments To Prosperity: The Spiritual Laws of Money That You Have Not Known Or Ignored And Now Paying The Price Part 3

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Part 3.

The Fifth Commandment: Lead Consistently and Constantly…

Leaders lead. Leader: It is not an adjective, it is a verb.

To be a leader you must be a follower. Leaders are excellent followers. They follow ethical and spiritual principles that won’t change over time. Only that way they can be good leaders for others, to change what can and should be changed through their leadership.

Having ethical and spiritual principles is not hip nowadays. And if you look around, there are no leaders. For many, leadership stops when they get the “position.” Their inauguration speech is their last real act of leadership. How come? Are they bad people? No, they have courage deficiency. It takes enormous courage to say no when the request or demand doesn’t align with your spiritual or ethical principles.

I always say (and think): you need to be willing to consider life lived without those principles not worth living. Or you’ll be like a doormat, anyone’s shammes (servant in Yiddish) and not a leader.

Many years this leadership was calling to me, but I was too scared. Not any more.

By the way, it takes less courage to step out (die, getting crucified, for example) than to follow through, face the tiger, and win.

Win I must. For all of us. It’s a woman’s job, no matter what they say: it’s a woman’s job.

The Sixth Commandment: Constantly Change the Changeable, While Steadfastly Clinging to the Unchangeable…

Change what should be changing with the times, but have a solid moral, spiritual and ethical foundation for everything that you do. That should never change.

My article about my horoscope was a great example. You can only see at anyone time what you can see from where you are. But when you discover something more, something that can and needs to be changed, you must… or you lose.

If you can look at it as a great game, it is fun. If you look at it as an annoyance by reality: you have already lost… what are you doing? What were you thinking?

When it comes to money, you must be as vigilant, as aware, as awake as anyone can be. Don’t get busy with extemporaneous activities: keep your attention on your business, while you include in your view the forecast, customer feedback, generating more value than before, your competition, the new discoveries… trends… everything. 360 degree vision while your attention is on connecting to the unchangable. It is a lot like our Connect To Source meditation, The Tangerine Method. You need to be trained in being everywhere without losing your connection. But it’s worth it.

The Seventh Commandment: Learn to Foretell the Future…

Just like I said in the previous commandment, learn to be present, and have a wide cone of vision: notice trends, notice everything that can influence the flow of your money, the success of your endeavor. Falling asleep at the wheel, or lying to yourself is deadly.

The future has very subtle signs that you will miss if you don’t take out time to listen for the signs, and/or if you watch television often: your vision will be so overexcited by the television, you won’t feel anything subtle.

And if all the mind-washing effects of the media haven’t signaled yet that you should just not engage with it, this, losing the capability to see subtle signs should convince you. Subtle signs are useful indicator in everything: the economy, relationships, your body, your consciousness… priceless. Do you think I could do this work AND watch television?

The Eighth Commandment: Know Your Money

Money is intangible: it depends on reputation. Know what is value, because unless you do, your money won’t multiply, and will even escape you. We are taught to deal with money as if it were dirty… and this is the beginning of our poverty and our degradation.

Money is spiritual. What gives value to that piece of paper is trust and a promise. That you will be able to go out with that piece of paper and get what you need, after you exchanged it for your time, your services, your knowledge, your product. It is 100% spiritual.

If you treat it as coming from the lower regions, 1 you are disrespecting it, and you won’t have any.


And unless you create value, you will be poor.

You need to understand that human interaction creates wealth. And that human interaction (transaction) creates an increase of value.

The Ninth Commandment: Act Rich: Give Away 10 Percent of Your After Tax Income

Through the mystical alchemy of money, giving charity jump-starts wealth creation

Jewish tradition teaches that charitable giving benefits the giver. Don’t live beyond your means; instead give beyond your means


I write about this more in another article… coming soon.

The Tenth Commandment: Never Retire

Integrate your vocation and your identity by thinking of life as a journey rather than a destination.

Fall in love with work. We, humans, are uniquely built to work. Don’t work for a living. Live to work.

When your work is satisfying, and it’s up to you, your life is satisfying.

When you work so you can live after work, you are miserable most of the time.

I will never retire. When I can’t work any more, when I am a burden to other people, then I’ll will myself to die.

I think women live longer because they never retire. Keeping house is work. Not as satisfying than work that is more creative, but work nevertheless: you have resulting value that don’t last long, but it’s there.

Sitting around, and even playing golf create no value.

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