Energies Part 4: Designer and Source energies

remembering all-of-itIn this article we’ll talk about the source of the many energies, and examine what they do.

  1. Energies that come from Source, from All-of-it, generate harmony.

    If you read the description of all the energies I embed in audios or in water, all of them are elimination type energies. None of them give you anything that’s not already there.

    What is between you and between being in harmony with All-of-it is man-made

    What is between you and between being in harmony with All-of-it is man-made. Imagination made. Fear-made. Superiority-made. Desire-for-the-self-alone made. Politician-energy-made.

    So, we could say that Source-energies are harmonizing energies, and they harmonize by clipping away the non-harmonious energies in you. Much like shaking off the crud, scraping off the crust, chiseling away the not-you.

    They won’t feel heavenly to you. Heavenly is ice cream, an bubble bath, a reefer, but not Source-energy.

    My hunch is that if we wanted to re-write the Bible, we would say that sins are the stuff that need to be, could be, shaken off by Source Energies.

    As with everything, the “not-that” can be counted in the millions, while the “that” is just one. And your vibrational number really just shows to what degree you are “you” and to what degree you are “not you”.

    The not you energies, the energies that were created and are created, moment by moment, by people, count in the millions.

    Energies of pretenses, energies of deception, energies to impress, energies to kill, maim, energies to control, dominate, overpower… energies of hunger, greed, lust. Energies of resentment, regret, shame, guilt, blame, judgment…

    Most are justified by you, or invisible by you.

    My energy products shake you awake so you can see them. My energy products make them painful. And in my coaching calls we make them visible, so you can tell the truth about them. And so you can learn living your life without them, communicate and establish healthy relationships with people and your work. So you can become more yourself, more like the you who is in harmony with all of it.

  2. Energies that come from the imaginary worlds: Designer Energies

    Energies that come from the imaginary worlds of saints, angels, gods, spirits, monsters, witches, wizards, and such, are easier to generate because you only need to be in vibrational harmony with your mind’s creations… and the level of the mind is not that high.

I always knew about energies. Not from reading about it, not from hearsay. I felt energies and I could even use them to “direct things.”

As an architect I felt what an empty lot wanted to have built on it. I felt the flow of energy in a street become turbulent at a junction because it was poorly designed. I felt the energy of a mistake. Maybe because I was a preemie, I wasn’t effectively cut off from the power of the Universe… the tale says that the fetus remembers life in the All-of-it, but just before birth, he/she is hit above the lips to forget, so the soul can start life fresh, without all the previous knowledge.

Of course that is a tale, but I kind-of remember… I have mentioned how it was learning Hebrew for me: simply remembering.

I was introduced to this type of energies in 2000. “Designer energies” you could call them. Energies that reflect and serve the dark desires of humans, to gain unfair advantage, enslave others, to control others and destiny, to escape work, to enjoy unearned sensations of pleasure.

Most of the negative energies you feel from other people are energies you transmit that are reflected back to you…

All the practitioners I have examined, except one, use designer energies in their businesses. They use them to do cleansing, healing, detoxifying, and such. Do they work? They do something, but the effects don’t last, because you, the client, remain unchanged, unconscious, and unaware. And unmotivated to do their own spiritual work.

Here is an analogy: let’s say you are fat. You want to lose weight. You start a weight loss diet, and do everything the diet tells you to do. You may drop 20-30 pounds. But the cause of your obesity didn’t change: you remained unchanged.

The pictures of the biggest loser suggest that it’s an outside thing… but unless who you are changes, your weight will remain the same.

Just like with any other addiction, when you stop one addiction, you need to replace it with another, because the addictive personality disorder remains unchanged.

You haven’t even been touched by the process.

The more designer energies, the more seekers, the darker the world becomes.

Why? Because to sell these designer energies and the products that contain them, the sellers need to pander your darkest desires, your complaining, your fixing nature, your intolerance, your anger, your judgmentalness, your greed, your desire to dominate and control others.

The energies themselves are relatively harmless, it is in you, the recipient that they become stronger, and you become a dark energy transmitter.

I am attacked with Dark Side energies a lot and often. This year the attacks were near 24/7 for about three months.

My challenge was to not become a “carrier” of the Dark Side by reacting to the energies with anger, vengeance, or wanting to fix anything.

Hardest thing I have ever done, but I succeeded and just allowed those really strong energies just go through me.

Energies, any energy, can only do its “damage” if and when something stands in its way, if there is resistance.

filamentThe light bulb needs to put up resistance to electricity. The bigger the resistance the brighter the light. The filament in a low light bulb is much thicker than in a high light (high watt) bulb. A thin filament puts up more resistance.

c038df5e1ce1fda3daf216eba19e2ec5It is also easier to see with sunlight: light is visible only when something solid stands in its way, resisting it, like water, dust suspended in air, clouds.

Although it is not easy to see how light can erode the surfaces it hits, over time the particles of light do erode the surfaces.

With man-made dark energies: the energies whip up storms, tornadoes, tsunamis. But before that can happen, they need to be magnified by humans.

How does it happen:

Let’s say you sign up to get the “Quantum Thought Shifting” designer energies. You get them, and you instantly turn into “I am better than you, I am all done” superior, delusional person.

You start to walk in your life as that. But the shift of belief about your own abilities, about your own “new state” is not true: you are actually deeper into the dark than you were before. Because now you added judgment and delusional to your NOT YOU self.

I have had the chance to observe some people that went through “Quantum Though Shifting” with me in the same group.

One went into hysterical blindness for almost a year. And continued to be a raging alcoholic, while feeling superior to everyone.

He is a walking talking Dark Side transmitter.

  • Some Dark Side Designer energy practitioners have the habit to send an energy into you, that bores itself into your “meridians” and makes its home there, much like an energetic parasite.
  • Some Dark Side Designer energy practitioners use the other’s energy to whip up an energy cocktail. When you participate in their calls, you can feel the energy: it is yours and the others’ on the call. These same practitioners also have the habit of feeding on their hapless clients’ energies.
  • Some Dark Practitioners have “trained” their energies to set up a flag when the person says the name, and then, like little heat seeking missiles, start to bombard them… How do I know it? It has happened to me over and over… even just reading the name in my mind sets up a flag and the energies come, de-energize my environment, including my energized water

Because I am an empath, and because I can feel energies, I can remove the attachments, but I cannot do your work for you.

The work of becoming unresisting… the work of finding your dark intentions, tell the truth about them, and let them go…

I have my products and my coaching calls as a service to help you with that work.

LOP_BUF_VFX_05You live in a sea of darkness, stormy and full of seductive stuff. Just like in the movie “The Life of Pi” he looks down from the life-boat into the lights of the sunken ship, or the lights of the whirling light emitting planktons.

You need to stay your course, and become who you are… not the story, not the reactive you you know yourself as, but the you: the one in alignment with the Universe.

Little by little, little step by little step.

PS: I am not saying that Dark Side Practitioners are bad people

I am not saying that Dark Side Practitioners are bad people, although some of them are bad. I think they are clueless, and they are connecting to the wrong source.

Some Dark Side Practitioners are very skilled. They can do the stuff I write about above: precisely direct energy, precisely direct attachment, precisely set up a flag… very high level of skill. I can’t do any of it. I don’t even direct energy: I act as a proxy, and the person who I am connected to, or the entire call, gets it. Healing, or any of the energies.

I don’t know anyone who does that, but that doesn’t mean no one can do it. I just don’t know them or know about them.

Energy-by-proxy, Healing-by-proxy

Doing energy-by-proxy is one of the things that have prevented me from doing anything Dark Side… just like I would not like to take the poison I mean for you, I don’t want to give myself Dark Energies… makes sense, doesn’t it?

For all my energies, please visit my “menu” page

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Energies Part 4: Designer and Source energies”

  1. Sophie, this is a really deep and helpful article. From reading your article I get that the designer or man-made energies have been instilled in us through our parents, cartoons, movies, books, our imagination…. and as long as we keep on resisting they will be magnified in us. Also could the dark energies get magnified in our children, friends….because we resist who they are or what they do or say? I wonder often why do children misbehave and why I can’t stand certain people is it because I resist something in them or them? Thank you.

  2. A, you completely misread the article.

    The designer energies come from what Theta Healing lady calls 4th and 5th dimension, and have nothing to do with our resisting who our children or friends are. These energies are not innate in people, that is why I call them designer energies.

    They come from the imaginary inhabitants of those imaginary dimensions, gods, saints, spirits, devils, and such.

    If the article is not clear, I’ll re-write it. I have to read it again.

  3. is ‘thought and thinking’ the origin of energies that are not the eternal Self? That is, the innate power of our minds to use thought to believe whatever we choose to think is true (eternal) and then experience the thought that we think is true as the only reality? Is that clear?

  4. Sophie, I do understand that those energies are not innate. I have a hard time putting my thoughts in to words.

    “The not you energies, the energies that were created and are created, moment by moment, by people, count in the millions.” “Energies that reflect and serve the dark desires of humans…” So the way I see it is that the man-made, fear-made… energies need our dark side to magnify their work.

    In the previous respond what I meant by resisting others is if lets say my son is angry and complaining and I am resisting his anger or complaint then what he got gets magnified. He becomes more angry and miserable. Then I feel it in me. “Most of the negative energies you feel from other people are energies you transmit that are reflected back to you…” My job is to recognize the darkness, acknowledge it and let it go instead of reacting to it. Did I miss it? Thank you.

  5. Eugene, It’s more like imagining… creating with your creative power, which is more than just thought or thinking. It is a lot stronger than what we call thought and thinking. It is strong enough to actually create what we fear.

    there is no such a thing as “eternal self”. That is also created to allow humans to thingify their world, and reduce it to the size of their understanding. The moment you introduce “eternal” you are operating in the imaginary dimension of gods and such, where things are clear, but are not real.

  6. The “not you” energies are the should’s, have to’s, the explanations of phenomena that cannot be forced inside explanation by the limited perspective of the human mind.

    Your job, as an aspiring Expanding Human Being is to allow life be life, unexplained.

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