Soul Correction #32: “Memories” or Merry-go-Round

soul correction merry go round Soul correction 32

This is the soul correction that matches the theory of living a life of a fairy tale… but always play the victim.

Here is how it goes (at least on the surface): you make a mistake. Example: you accept a ride from a stranger because it’s raining so hard that you can’t get a taxi to go home. 1 You get into trouble, he drives you to a place other than where you wanted to go, rapes you, robs you, or kidnaps you…

You survive the incident. Scarred, but survive.

You swear that you’ll never be so naive, stupid, or whatever word you use, ever again.

A few years later you find yourself in a situation much like this one. How did you get there? You “forgot” the first incident, that’s how… at least on the surface, as I said before.

Unless you arrest this repeating cycle, in the end you’ll get killed to be right… right about what?! you yell. Right about whaaaaaat?! After all, I am the victim here….

You are right about that. And that’s the only thing that you are right about.

The issue is two-fold:

  1. you are unwilling to learn a lesson that your soul wants you to learn.


  2. you are more interested in being right about yourself than being happy, rich, or accomplished.

The original story can be any failure, by the way.

It could be as simple as being too small to help your mother who was in trouble… sick, abused, sad, depressed… same thing from your point of view as a child. Your fault that you weren’t big or powerful enough.

Or it could be that you made a mistake and felt stupid, lost the milk money, lost your way home, lost your ribbon, or misspelled the word “chimney.”

The machine-structure is the same: you have an incident that puts you in danger, somehow.

So concentrating on the incident, or even the type of incident, won’t do you much good, it won’t help you with your soul’s correction.

You want to be interested in the structure. The structure that wants to repeat itself to leave you with the same feeling of inferiority and victimhood again.

Your job is to catch it, to anticipate it, to say “I gotcha! lol” and rejoice.

Your job is to declare your superiority over your machine and catch the machine before (or at the beginning) it swings into full victimization of you.

Just beware: the machine is like a shape shifter: once you get savvy, it will bring new formats, seemingly unrelated situations. But don’t allow it to fool you: the structure will be the same: you’ll pretend that you didn’t know… something that you could feel, sense, foresee… The starting point will always be the same (needing to, or wanting to, or having to, or should: find yours!)

Of course, if you watch television and abuse your senses, you won’t be able to catch the nuances. Same with using alcohol, and other addictions or self-medication that puts YOU to sleep.

So, this is your soul correction: you have a machine that wants to make you feel like a victim. Now beat it

Sounds simple. It takes you to be present. It takes you to be able to see the ripples on the water.

And choose to be liked, supported, loved, not because you need it, but because you are you, and because you are great.

If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

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  1. Million dollar advice: Catch that at the starting point you are needy. This will be your clue in the future: neediness starts the machine rolling!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Soul Correction #32: “Memories” or Merry-go-Round”

  1. I am trying to recognise the machine.

    “The structure that wants to repeat itself to leave you with the same feeling of inferiority and victimhood again.”… there are two areas of my life that affect me in this way… jobs and relationships. Jobs I leave… relationships not so much.

    “you’ll pretend that you didn’t know… something that you could feel, sense, foresee”… somehow I end up in a marriage when I knew it was never right.

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