Your actions, behavior, and emotions are toxic to your emotional and physical well being. Enclosed into your own energy, you are your own toxic environment

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water1Most everyone already knows the frozen water crystals experiment by Masaru Emoto: how words, music, and other emotional expressions altered the coherence of the water. Coherence, I guess, can be expressed in the symmetry of the crystal.

It now has become Tree of Knowledge: you saw the pictures… but you weren’t there. And even if you were… so what?

It’s the kind of knowledge that is useless. USELESS. Why?

Useful means you can use it. Not in a conversation, but to alter yourself and your environment. But you can’t.


Because none of the tools you know how to use, I mean really know… the way you can drive, the way you can make boiled eggs… “know it because you can do it” way.

Knowing about something is mind candy. Useless. Just like positive thinking or The Law of Attraction. Useless, and in some cases, HARMFUL.

Many people approach me asking for advice how to avoid toxic people.

I once had a friend/client. We went to Pam Ragland’s classes together, and learned cloaking and bubbling together.

He was really keen to protect himself from his wife… but when I examined him, he needed to protect himself from himself.

He was toxic, and unless you detoxify your own self, you are always going to live in a toxic environment.

We could say, that to a certain degree, raising your vibration is removing your toxic internal environment, your toxic personal reality.

judge-c-2Your personal reality is an imaginary world populated with stories and events, that never happened, characteristics that are not true. Your personal reality is delusional. Dali’s world has nothing over yours, Hyeronimus Bosch’s neither. Your personal reality is just as delusional, except that you can’t see it.

We call it your personal reality because to you, for you, it is reality.

And it is toxic to life. It is toxic to your body. It is toxic to your emotions. It is making you ill, and ill at ease.

As I said before, raising your vibration, on the first level, is a process of detoxifying your inner environment, disabusing you of your delusions, cleaning up your personal reality.

Only once that is done to a large degree that you can even contemplate learning tools of raising your vibration: if you use a tool like that inside your toxic reality, it is actually damaging.

This is an assertion, i.e. I am willing to provide evidence: The reason Landmark Education’s participants have such low vibration is because they are learning tools that are only effective once the detoxifying process is largely done: 60-70%.

And therein lies the mischief: most people are not willing to do it.

Why? A reality you know, a reality that you know you can survive in, is more comfortable than a reality you don’t know.

And although the reality you live in is painful 24/7, you are largely dulled to that pain, you are resigned, and cynical if anything can be done about THAT pain.

The cleansing, detoxifying process is much like tearing off band-aids: it stings, a lot. Then there will be a dull pain, and then no pain.

But, the state of current humanity, YOU, is that you prefer wallowing in your own s-h-i-t like a swine, instead of cleaning yourself up.

Harsh? Yeah. Accurate? Yeah. Pretty? No. Am I going to make you angry? Most certainly.

One statements I learned in Landmark is this: One of the reason people don’t want transformation, because it makes them wrong, backwards, if they can, in a conversation, alter their lives in a way that shows how wrong they were the previous 20-30-40 years.

But there is something more important: Once you see what you see, the real reality, you’ll see that your entire life is organized around keeping the delusions that keep you small and miserable in place.

And once you see that your spouse, your job, your body serve only one thing: to keep you the same, it is hard to pretend that you want to be who you are, you want to be the magnificent you you were meant to be.

And therein lies the big problem.

Unless you are willing to give up EVERYTHING for what’s possible, you won’t do the work. Or you’ll start and you’ll stop.

I hate to tell you the truth, but I am only telling you what you already know. Although my programs work, you are not ready for them.

You prefer to continue being toxic for yourself, toxic for your “loved ones” and toxic for the Planet.

I am disgusted. Are you?

rubiksCubeI do have a tool that shakes you to a higher vibration, the Harmonizer. How does it work? I am not sure, I only know it works… Because entrainment is a powerful tool.

In entrainment, a strong energy with a rhythm, that grabs hold of and adjust the energy and the rhythm of others in its environment.

Like clocks synchronize, like female prisoners’ menstrual periods synchronize, like heart rhythms synchronize, the strong energy, the “hum” of the Universe synchronizes you, entrains you to its own clean harmonic energy, its coherence… and that hum is in the Harmonizer.

When it’s on, and I notice when it isn’t! even the Dark Side influences can’t break it through: I am noticing marked improvement in my ability to be with emotions, my physical body is changing as well.

I only discovered how all-powerful this energy is a month or so ago, even though the energy has been around for more than a year. Oh well… better late than never.

The good news, for me, is that regular and “religious” use of the Harmonizer prepares you to actually be ready to become your REAL SELF, and take baby steps towards that.

How long will it take? I don’t know. It depends on where you are, how delusional your personal reality is… how much your immediate environment, your job, your significant other, your children, your pets, your friends, your hobbies depend on you staying the same.

The more they do, the longer it takes.

And although the energy also works on them, they never consciously chosen to harmonize themselves. They may benefit, but it’s unconscious.

You, on the other hand, will have this powerful energetic environment for one purpose and one purpose only: to help you get to the level where you can start consciously and purposefully clean up your toxicity.

It must be conscious… You can’t alter another’s consciousness while they are unconscious… including your own.

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