Is the Law of Attraction true? Maybe… for some people… but definitely not for you

shameI just hung up with my friend… we talk every Sunday morning, and have been for seven years now.

He is one of my failure stories. 1

I have some of those. I have many quitter stories, I have even more testimonials, which are the stories of “flash in the pan” successes, and a few genuine success stories.

My results are not much better than others; the only difference, probably, is that I have a few genuine success stories of lasting alteration of being… lasting alteration of consciousness.

Most teachers encourage sharing of successes. ALL those successes are temporary, all those successes are “flash in the pan” successes… because the work that produces the success has stopped.

The definition of success, in a work of transformation, is PERMANENT alteration of the view of self, the view of the world, or consciousness. Alteration of personal reality.

59ef4b39e0a09600a245e37730edb3f5If this is by the standard of success we go, the success rate of different modalities is about one in ten thousand. But even that “HIGH” rate is questionable, because a group of people, everyone considers a success, has an average vibration of 200…

If your vibration gets temporarily higher, because you are being coached, or you are leading a course, or you psyched yourself up, but it drops to ordinary when you live your life, when you are with your “loved ones” or when the shit hits the fan: you get sick, you get cheated upon, you get robbed, etc. then your success is temporary and artificially induced, so there is something amiss in the modality, or you are not doing the work.

What you have is a skill. A skill to don a pair of glasses that temporarily alter reality in an empowering way. But your being hasn’t changed, or not really. Your base attitude to life is still “there is something wrong here” and “it should be different than the way it is” and “if only they did… then it would be OK”

And don’t forget, I am bringing the example of the one in the 10,000, the rarity, the people who worked their asses of to become the exception.

By the way, Ego is trying to overpower me, override my decision to be authentic and truthful about the state of transformation. It seems to have a vested interest in looking good… but I am not interested in that.

the dismal state of consciousness trainings, meditations, transformational programs, energy modalities

Now, that you have seen the dismal state of consciousness trainings, meditations, transformational programs, energy modalities, you might ask the question: now what? Or you could also ask: why isn’t it working better?

success-story-1The reason is that altering consciousness is a time consuming process: it took you a long time to become who you are, and to be even deteriorating over time.

Between the moment that it occurs for you to ask “what’s wrong with me” and the moment you decide what is wrong with you, most of the time 10 years pass… often more. In the meantime you live with the question…

Questions are an excellent way to alter consciousness. For example asking “Who am I going to be in life?” or “Who am I being now, that life doesn’t seem to be working?” are questions that if you can be honest, if you have a good foundation seeing context, attitude, BEING, you can alter your life effectively.

Of course with the question “What’s wrong with me?” you don’t need any training: the world is more than willing to provide you with answers… whereas “who am I being now?” is not something you can see readily, without training, without distinctions, without brutal honesty.

Now, let’s look at the question in the title: can the Law of Attraction work for you? Can the world respond to your vibration by reflecting your being?

The world always reflects your being. And the reflection is a good indication to what your being is.

In my experience, people try to create a being on the top of who they already are.

Jeremie-Burkina-Faso-SuccessFor example if I ask you if you are a winner or a loser, you may say winner because that is who you want to be. And you firmly believe that that is who you are… except that if we look at your actions, your actions are those of a loser, or at least not-winner, and you haven’t fooled anyone, except yourself, and other want-to-believe-you types.

If altering your consciousness were as easy as “picking a better feeling thought” like Esther Hicks teaches, we would be a high consciousness society.

But we aren’t and you know it.

So what can you do? Of course you can use the Harmonizer. Of course you can use any of my other activators or remedies.

But the only thing that leads to a lasting alteration of your consciousness is working on your personal reality, ongoingly, like we do in the Playground.

Permanent or lasting transformation of your consciousness means that no matter what happens to you, no matter what the circumstances, you are well, empowered, in action, and growing.

I can throw you in jail for something that you didn’t do, and yet, you are well, empowered, in action, and growing.

Now, that is really lasting transformation, isn’t it?

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  1. Why is he a failure story after seven years? Because also he is a good listener, he is an avoider: he doesn’t do anything I teach… and his results are consistent with that “doing nothing.”

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