Integration: the orchestra that is you

orchestra harmony or cacophony

Osho says: Man ordinarily is a crowd.

No man ordinarily is one, but many. And that’s why there is so much noise within – many voices, many faces – and a constant quarrel. One part wants to do one thing. Another part is simply against it and wants to do something else. It is a miracle how we go on managing to keep ourselves together. Otherwise we are constantly falling apart. There is no center. The master is missing.

There are only servants, and each servant is trying to claim to be the master.

For a moment each servant sits on the throne, proclaims himself the master, and in that moment you think, “This is the master.”

When there is anger, anger becomes the master, but soon it will be gone. It is a constantly changing scene. After anger comes regret.

Then regret is the master and you feel sorry. Sometimes it is love, sometimes it is hate, and the scenes change so fast. Still you do not become aware that you cannot be so many things. We become identified with anything that comes in front of us. When the cloud of anger is there we think we are anger. When the cloud of love is there we think we are love. When compassion is there we think we are compassion. When sadness is there we think we are sadness.

You are none of these – the real you that you are is the watcher! Anger will come and go and the watcher abides. Sadness comes and passes by and the witness remains. To remember that witness more and more will make you integrated, because that is the only center which is everlasting, eternal. Only on the eternal rock of witnessing can a real life be built.

What Osho doesn’t say here is that a whole team of servants live inside a human, even a Human Being, 1 and they all want to be the leader, want to tell the human what to do…

A total role reversal… the servant tells the master what to do. The Ego wants you to cower, and stay put. The Soul wants you to go out and boldly go where no one has gone before. The Will wants you to make things happen. The mind wants you to repeat and repeat what has already been said and done… Ad nauseam 2.

Who the master really is is the Witness… the Observer, and he is the conductor of this weird cacophony orchestra… creating harmony within and without.

The witness can give a “solo part” to any of the servants and their music…

The most fulfilling lives are created by giving more solo parts to the Soul, while not ignoring the parts of the Ego and others.

Safety is good… Respecting the soul’s desire is mandatory if you want a fulfilling life.

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  1. in my teachings I distinguish between human and Human Being. A Human Being is a much higher evolutionary stage of a humanoid. Capacities that lay dormant in some humans, or aren’t even part of a human’s DNA are active in a Human Being. The level of consciousness, the ability and courage to be an individual while living among humans or other Human Beings is dominant
  2. to the point of nausea

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