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soul mates soaring together in a synergistic fashionSoul Correction #28: SOUL MATE

Update: Having worked with two more soul mate people, I am seeing something additional: you cannot find your soul mate if you have a preconceived notion of what that looks like.

But if this is your soul correction, then no one is good enough for you, because you have an expectation, an agenda, and everyone will fall short. Even you will fall short of your expectations of how YOU should be.

Your job is to start to get real, start to stop interacting with shoulds and such…

Ultimately you are setting people up to fail… and it is unconscious.

There is more… but I cannot access it right now… I’ll add to this when I can verbalize it.

Looking for the perfect date, the ideal mate, true friends, loyal associates, or the right business partner?

When a single unified soul is set to enter into this material dimension, it is first divided into two halves-male and female. As these two halves of one soul undergo transformation in the physical world, either through suffering and ordeal or through proactive spiritual transformation, they progressively draw closer to one another. The uniting of two halves of one soul is an inevitable fate, but the timing depends upon their level of spirituality.

When the time is ripe, true soul mates find one another even if they are worlds apart-whether physically, on opposite sides of the globe, or spiritually, with contrasting lifestyles and backgrounds.

Moreover, the concept of soul mates does not refer only to marriage. The concept of soul mates also applies to relationships with friends, business colleagues, and partners in every sort of shared endeavor.

So, what does this mean to you, if this is your specific soul correction?

Is this correction about waiting for your soul mate? Is this correction about finding your soul mate?

No. On the level of consciousness, on the level of spirituality, on the level of soul’s purpose, your job is to be on the level, correction-wise, so your soul mate can find you, so your soul mate can come to you.

This sounds like a bunch of New Age, Law of Attraction hoopla, but it isn’t.

What I am talking about is much deeper than that. You see, all the New Age, and Law of Attraction teachers are only teaching you having what you want on the lower level of your being. Stuff. All about you.

From their level of thinking and methodology, love, relationships, happiness are also all on the lower level of your being. They teach you to manifest what you want, but what you want is all lower level of your being… ego stuff and physical stuff.

The higher level of your being knows enough not to be concerned. The higher level of your being knows that it can’t die, can’t lack, can’t suffer, can’t have or suffer from any of the stuff that the lower level of your being is worrying about.

There is no hurry on the higher level of your being.

So why not to just stick with the lower level, and get happiness, and sex, and relationships, and money… after all that’s what you want, right?

The thing is, if you don’t align yourself and your life with the soul’s purpose, correcting itself, it will make your life hell… lol.

So that happiness comes with hell, the relationship, the sex, the money come with hell… misery, depravity, all the “good stuff”.

How is that for a paradox?

Now, finally (you say) a few words about soul mates:

Your soul will attract the people and situations to your life that can help you with your soul correction.

Some of them will help by bringing out the worst in you, so you can’t deny it any more.

Some of them will help by pointing out the worst in you, so you can see it, if you are ready.

The question is: are you willing? Are you mature enough? Or will you opt for looking the other way and get more suffering, misery and wretchedness?

One of those people is your soul mate. You won’t know which one.

If your vibration is too low, you’ll probably hate their guts. You probably think that they say or do the things they say or do to make you miserable. No. They say and do those things because you cannot meet on an equal ground unless you do your correction.

If your vibration is higher than your soul mate’s, the tables turn, and you’ll do whatever you can to wake them up to start doing their soul’s correction.

You can’t be really together until you both get to a high level of consciousness, a high level of controlling your lower inclinations (evil inclinations in Kabbalah).

This can go on, lifetime after lifetime.

You can say that the soul mate connection most New Age teachers refer to is not that.

The smooth, harmonious, ‘I don’t call you on your s-h-i-t, don’t call me on mine’ relationships everyone dreams about, are not soul mate relationships: the soul suffers in those the most and make you suffer the most in other areas of your life.

The soul’s purpose is to do its work, its correction, aiming at the highest, becoming like the Creator itself.

Your soul, and your soul mate get together not to stagnate together, but to grow together.

And watch this short movie trailer on a funky and deadly idea… on the soul mate theme. Click here

If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Updated: Soul Correction #28: Soul Mate”

  1. Enjoyed your interpretation of soulmates and the growth they create if we allow it. Thank you.

  2. I find this soul correction so confusing. The more I read this (above) the more confused I become. I must be trying to understand it only from the mind. I must be wanting (like a good little girl) clear instructions from a higher authority … ugh! So I caught it, but instead of compassion, I feel disgust for myself. I am rushing again. I want to be my own higher authority Now. I am saying this as a commitment to instead, doing the work, however long it takes (even though I can feel that the commitment is not fully realised …. more frustration).

  3. if you watch yourself and your reaction carefully, it is typical of someone with a soul correction of soul mate. You are never good enough for yourself… very funny if you look at it this way.

  4. Can’t see the humour … yet 🙁 / 🙂 (This is my emoticon version of a grimace).

    Also, more confusion: It does seem absolutely true that I am never good enough for myself (note, seem true, not is true). If I take the view that this sloppy way of being is actually good enough, then where does the impetus for the work of seeing (again and again) where I am hooked, reactive come in … Wouldn’t I just sit back and bask in the energy of, ‘I am good enough?’ Hope this question is clear.

    Here’s a thought, maybe with this question I am (once again) in the energy of fixing, instead of seeing …

  5. acceptance doesn’t mean resignation.

    When you say “I am good enough” doesn’t mean you give up growing.

    I think all judgment comes from this misconstruction and misunderstanding the inner dynamic of life: acceptance is like the fuel that allows you grow, judgment is like the poison that will stop you from growing, that will take the wind out of your sail.

    Accept yourself the way you are, and then you will be able to become all you can be. Same with another.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to live with everyone you accept… Discerning between acceptance and sharing a life, between acceptance and picking as a coach or guide or a standard is very very important.

    Also, acceptance doesn’t mean lying. Your boss can be really bad at managing work, can be really cruel to you by making you do work she doesn’t like or doesn’t want, and at the same time you can accept them the way they are, without judgment.

    Telling the way it is isn’t judgment. Judgment is coming from a place of absolutes, good and evil, right and wrong. As if you were the judge… the gavel in your hand.

    Seeing what another person does that does not please you, does not help you, is not judgment.

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