Updated: Hungry? Eager? How resisting “hunger” can raise your vibration.


Hunger is a poor advisor

It is said by many people, that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

Why? Because when you are hungry, the context of your being becomes to satisfy that hunger. Everything seems to be the answer to the question: this is the best way to eliminate hunger, to satisfy hunger.

So you end up spending money on stuff that is not good for you, that you should not have bought, maybe ever, in the first place.
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Are you eager?

Another word for hungry is “eager”. Eager produces the same kind of results. It gives you roving eyes. Roving eyes that hunger for a solution to a wrong, that are eager to find a quick fix to what’s wrong…

But neither are wrong, neither the hunger, nor the roving eyes, not the craving either. Whye? because there is nothing wrong, and there is nothing to fix, both eager and hungry are the products of the internal dark force, “The Opponent”, as Kabbalah calls it.

The question is: who is in control? You or the hunger? You or the craving?

This Opponent is like the negative pole of the battery, the Light is the positive pole of the battery, and your actions of resisting the nudging of The Opponent is the filament between the two poles. If there is resistance: there is light. If there is no resistance, there is no light. Simple, right?


The bigger the resistance the more light you get.

If you are an American, you probably never learned Physics… you lost out. But just trust me: the bigger the resistance between the two poles, the brighter the light.

The Opponent will judge everything: that is right, this is wrong, and the wrong must not be tolerated… it must be fixed, right away. Never accepted. Eager, Hungry, hurried, stressed… all expressions that indicate that you not in control, that you are trying to fix something that is wrong.

The results of fixing are momentary, like a flash of light that signifies that the bulb burned out. No real light was provided, no lasting, not even for a minute. There was no resistance: you went with what The Opponent wanted you to go with.

Some of the behavior, also suggested by The Opponent, is also fixing, but the “wrong” is not readily visible: when you want to be liked, when you want to be approved of, agreed with, be well thought of, validated, etc.

It fixes something that you deem is wrong with you… at least for a moment… but not really.

The culture of fixing

cherry-treeBut here lies the issue: you, just like the medical establishment, your politicians, are dealing with the effect… and never examine, never reach the cause of the discomfort, or issue.

Here is an example: your discomfort, what’s “wrong” is the cherries on an cherry tree. You don’t like cherries. You want apples instead. So you “fix” the problem of the cherry tree by pinning apples on your cherry tree… the “solution” is temporary, and quite unsatisfying.

Here is another example: your illness, your symptoms, headache, rash, pain, etc. are the cherries. Even the specific disease, cancer, lupus, Parkinson’s are symptoms.

It cannot be “cured” on the same level where you can see them. The problem cannot be solved on the same level of causality, you need to find the ultimate cause, and meet it ther,e head-on. 1

Raising your vibration is a process in which…

deep-sea-diving-for-causeRaising your vibration is a process in which you have room for the behavior, although you consider it a symptom. You can accept the feelings, because they are symptoms. They are effects.

Our goal in raising your vibration is to dive deep into the dark waters of your being to find the cause and deal with it on that level.

I said deal with, not fix it. There is nothing wrong on the level of the cause either. It is something to observe, to understand, and make changes if necessary. Like in my health sessions: we look at the root causes of all the elements of your health… and tweak it, adjust it, so you can hum, so you can have energy, so you can grow, be smart, and be successful.

You can do it. I am good at ferreting out the fundamental cause, together with you. So you are not left to your own devices: frankly, your devices are insufficient for deep diving in the right direction, poor tools for finding what the cause is and deal with it.

It’s taken me, an empath, 30 grueling years to do the work on myself, but you expect the results tomorrow. Silly you.

One of my latest, and most surprising results happened recently.

About two months ago all of my businesses stopped generating ANY money. For the first time in 30 years I was behind with my rent. I felt the pressure building to fix it. Take a day-job? Run specials? Kill myself?

It wasn’t personal, by the way, it was every small business, across the board, at least in America.

I decided, that for the first time in my life I was just going to trust. Trust that whatever will happen, I can handle it. That being a fixing machine, panting in eagerness to get out of a tight spot is not what the Light wants me to do, it is The Opponent’s options, not mine.

I kept myself busy, I read 8-9 hours a day, continued writing articles, doing coaching calls as if nothing happened.

After two months business came back with a vengeance. I haven’t checked if it is everyone’s business, but I suspect that even that isn’t personal.

The victory wasn’t the result: the result was effect. I am only responsible for the cause level decisions: I didn’t react, I resisted fixing, resisted, flailing.

I came out with a vibration even higher than it was before: Lasting Light.

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  1. hungry-child

    tumblr_lxcafnF3w11r4gisno1_500One example of a “wrong” that cannot be fixed on the level of the effect is hunger. Giving food, growing food, providing even education doesn’t “fix” the fundamental issue of human resources being distributed unequally… thousands of years issue.

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