Am I a healer because I seem to be healing certain things?

pic30I refuse to be categorized as a healer. I have energies, I have knowledge, I have empathic “sight”, I can “diagnose”, not legally but factually, I can recommend… but I am not a healer… and yet.

Almost 30 years ago I was in a program called “Emotions Anonymous”, a 12-step program. I wanted to deal with my anger. My anger came out in really threatening ways, sending both myself and others towards the hills…

It was, on one hand, a learned behavior… both my parents had a difficult time handling their anger towards me…

One of the participants in the group was Hungarian, and very miserable. I visited him one afternoon. His place was up to knee deep in newspapers, every room, the garage, the kitchen, every inch except for a two foot wide path to crucial places.

He had been a talented computer programmer until he descended to this hellish place he was in when I met him.

I spent the afternoon and the evening with him, mostly chatting, cuddling, little kisses. Two days later he got a hair cut, went to a job interview, cleaned up his house, and the depression or whatever it was was over.

am I a healer because I seem to be healing?The only thing that happened is that human connection. With me. Me feeling what he felt and making it OK, acceptable, accepted.

Was I a healer? I don’t know. Was he healed? Definitely. Did I do anything? No. But some blockage got washed away… and the view of life that put him into his prison disappeared.

It wasn’t like we had a relationship… and there was some hope for us being together. No.

But yet the future as a foggy vague threatening place disappeared, and was replaced by something, I guess, with a feeling that there is still life in life… or something like that.

I don’t remember talking to him after that, I even heard only that he started to work and was out of the “life” of Emotions Anonymous.

Recently a lot of people purchased my Self-Healing course. It’s a few videos of me training the live course.

It shows all the “moves” I know how to do in my healing sessions. Because the energies transmit, unchanged either in intensity or in quality, in the recordings, following along with the videos does healing on you.

Instant healing? Unless what is ailing you comes from a blockage that moves in one of those calls, no. Not instant.


healerI recently worked on my “little” brother. He is 61 years old. He called me from the hospital in Hungary (he lives there) to let me know that he was messed up, and they plan to take out his gall bladder.

I started to work on him without his knowledge, without his conscious participation, every time when I turned the light off at night… in bed.

I did exactly what I do on the videos: forced the liver to create bile and move debris and toxins out of the liver. Then forced the bile to empty into the small intestines. The gall bladder was tender to the touch, and felt full with something solid.

Then I stimulated the pancreas to regenerate: I do that on the video too. All you have to do is put your hand where I put it.

After about three weeks, during one of these sessions I saw wriggling worms in the gall sac… I called my brother and suggested that he, his dog, and his family take de-worming meditation. He did.

In two days the dense mass in the gall sac disappeared. And then I suggested that he cuts out bread and pasta from his diet…

Today he is well. He doesn’t know what I did. I don’t care. He is well and won’t die. That is what I care about.

Did I heal him? No. Would the doctors be able to do what I did? No. Why? Because doctors work only with symptoms, I worked with empathic tools… inside tools. Energies. Gently, slowly, effectively.

When you buy the self-healing course, you may want to book short “reading” sessions with me where I give focus to your self-healing activities, maybe alter your diet a little to remove offending foods. In the “healing” world they call them readings, so they can’t be sued. “Healing” is a monopoly of the medical licensed crowd.

That is the world we live in.

PS: Are you a gifted healer? Check it out:

I don’t believe in healers… but if you do, you’ll like that article.

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