You have to get ready for a breakthrough? WTF? Why? Can’t you just get one any time?

ugly duckling to beautiful swanOne of my students had a breakthrough on the Monday webinar.

To me it came out of the blue… nothing seemed to be building up to it.

I got intensely curious. After all, when you don’t or can’t acknowledge the “real” source of a breakthrough, then you can’t sustain the result the breakthrough. It looks like divine intervention: you are not causing it, some “entity” does… and all you can do is pray for rain…

The only person who could really know what happened is her… and she, thank heavens, did the looking it takes to find what caused the breakthrough, what created a fertile ground into which the Monday webinar could plant a seed that finally it could blossom into a tree. 1

Today is Wednesday, and she emailed me to tell me that a conversation we had on March 26, four months ago, is the source of creating herself as a fertile ground for a breakthrough.

I listened to the call, it was recorded. I record every one of my calls…

A distinction in the call was the first distinction I ever got from my participation in transformational programs. But I didn’t know how useful it can be to turn my life around, until years later… 2

In transformational learning no single distinction makes a splash, it is a structure that is like a bridge between illusory “reality” and real reality.

  • Between making decisions through the mind, or making decisions from reality.
  • Between doing the same thing, over and over again, to moving towards the life of an Expanding Human Being.
  • Between learning from the mind, adding more useless knowledge to your already useless arsenal to have every learning as useful and as impactful as learning to ride the bike, learning to drive, learning to climb a tree.

The big challenge for everyone is to learn anything NOT from the mind, not through the mind.

When you learn something through the mind, then it becomes useless. It becomes bits of data on a hard drive, instead of live, living knowledge, a capacity, a skill, an ability. Life is done successfully through skillful and conscious/deliberate doing, not through knowing.
The time it takes to learn something transformational depends on several factors.

  1. Whether or not you get energetic support. I cannot emphasize enough that the secrets of my method are
    1.1. energetic input (activating capacities, causing coherence, causing the merging of the two you’s, etc.)
    1.2. accurate observation of the obstacles and results through my abilities as an empath.
  2. Timely and Inspired delivery. when there is an opening I can see, an opening big enough to get through something to the not-mind. The trick is to be there. The trick is to stay in constant and meaningful contact with a student, so I can catch the “just in time” moment, where an energetic support will make the biggest difference.

    My recent methodology of demanding that participants do ongoing work on the 67 steps seems to be the most brilliant move I have ever made during my career. Why? Because you become ready when you least expect it, when your attention is on something unrelated… like the knee reflex. You keep your attention on it, and I can’t make it work. You block it.

  3. Another recent discovery, that unless you are well nourished physically, you won’t have enough energy to create and sustain a breakthrough.

    I have been offering nutritional sessions to great success.

    People who have gone through it and followed the suggestions are smarter, braver, and a lot more energetic that they were before.

    And newly installed capacities keep on working, instead of turning off, as they used to.

In the recording of that particular conversation all the elements were there, like a perfect eclipse.

The process, getting ready, is invisible. But it is happening, under the water level. And at some point it all fits together, like a jigsaw puzzle, and you have a breakthrough in how you see things, in your work, in your vision, in your ability to see things for what they are. Priceless.

PS: This article was written two years ago. Since then I’ve been teaching that through entering the Theta Brain state, you can start learning stuff not through the mind. But even Theta learning only leads to knowledge, consciousness knowledge.

In the Peak book, the book about using deliberate practice, Mental Representation, pattern creation and pattern recognition, I learned that the most effective learning is learning that involves doing.

Because I am a remote teacher, it is hard for me to see that I can CAUSE you to do anything, unless you are willing and see yourself able.

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  1. The Monday webinar was designed to create a breakthrough, but it needed a participant that was ready… no breakthrough is possible, unless the participant is ready.
  2. The distinction I got was “who are you that you are”. Some teachers call it belief, but it is a beingness… “I am that I am a failure” was mine. It was a done deal, all I could do is avoid being found out. And, of course, my life was consistent with that: miserable, painful, holding my breath.

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