How Do You Become The Human Being Source Meant You To Be? How Do You Start Your Soul Correction?

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become the best you you can be How Do You Become The Human Being Source Meant You To Be?

This article explores the different aspects of Humans, the personality,  what methods will work to make a Human a Human Being,  what methods will kill you and what methods will destroy the planet?

Many of you are asking for your soul’s purpose, or in essence, your soulcorrection.

In the articles I’ve posted about the different types of soulcorrections, I use descriptive language: I tell you how you are if your soulcorrection is just beginning.

It’s not very helpful, it’s not complimentary, I hear. Yeah, what did you expect?

Yeah, but how do you start the correction? Actually that’s a brilliant question, and I am going to muse about that in this article.

To tell you the truth, I probably only have parts of the answer, and the full methodology will develop with time and in conversations or articles. But you deserve to have everything that is available now, so you can start doing something constructive.

Before I go into it, let’s ask the question that is probably on your mind: how come we don’t have a methodology yet. After all, humanity has been around for a long time…

The problem has been twofold:

  1. We didn’t know that what’s making us miserable is being out of sync with our soul’s purpose and not doing its correction.
  2. Different modalities, religions, have been using practices that have been interested in suppressing our shadow side instead of the methodology that will work.

We all know of perfectly nice people that suddenly kill, steal, or commit some other horrible act.

When you don’t transform a shadow side feeling, anger, hate, jealousy, inferiority, superiority, possessiveness, greed, self-centeredness, ( instead you suppress it,) it doesn’t go away. It is still there, actually gathering steam, like a volcano. Nitroglycerin, when burned, burns like oil… harmless. But if you put it into a capsule, and close it, when ignited, it will blow up the capsule and anything that’s close to it. That is what we call a bomb.

The culture of suppression, the culture we’ve had for the past two thousand years, has caused more harm than good.

The culture of “let’s not have any negativity in our speaking in this group” has caused people to bottle up, to feel isolated, and get sick.

We’ve been finding a euphemism for every shadow feeling, and we are killing ourselves and our souls.

Failing, mistake, dislike, etc. are all dirty words in that culture. Global warming? I can’t see any! If you ignore it long enough, it will go away… is the general feeling.

But here is the problem: You can’t catch what you don’t see. A thief, a robber, a murderer, as those suppressed feelings need to be caught, and reprimanded! Corrected! Eliminated!

The art of soulcorrection is the following:

  1. you learn what is the ways of being that is the goal. But beware, the majority is always wrong. The common culture has that wrong too… so we’ll talk about that later, but first let’s just get the steps on paper here…
  2. you learn what are the shadow feelings, the behaviors or ways of being that you want to catch. Each soulcorrection has a few typical ways of being that are lower self and those are the ones we most want to concentrate on: that is what our souls want.
  3. you go around in your life and watch your feelings as you live your daily life. The feelings, the negative ones especially, are dead giveaways of your shadow side. And so are the glee you feel when someone else is suffering, or you got one over them. When the feeling-activity is strong, you need watch your thoughts, your inclinations, and catch the point at which you choose to do the same thing again… the behaviors, beliefs, attitudes that you want to correct. The ones where there is only one winner: you, and everyone else is a loser, for example.
  4. slowly introduce choice.

For example, one that is probably shared across the board is the following behavior:

Someone points out a fault of yours. Your automatic way of being is one of the following

  1. you reject it out of hand
  2. you explain it away
  3. you take it and despair
  4. you will respond with your dominant feeling that is part of your soulcorrection. Like the guy whose soulcorrection is removing hatred, his own, responded with the feeling of “Holly” which is the Bach flower Remedy of hatred. Or Agrimony and Aspen if you are more into faking goodness…

The only healthy way to relate to this “negative” feedback is to accept the observation as valid, at least accept that from the other person’s point of view it’s valid.

Feedback is going to be your strongest ally. Catching something in yourself is easier with the aid of a feedback. And the feedback is always going to show up as bad news, or someone trying to hurt you or insult you. I promise, I have been at this for a long time and it still stings a little… but by now only a little.

By the way, my inner way to receive negative feedback is the third… I still despair… lol

The internal speaking is, in my case: “No matter what I do, I can’t succeed at this…” It is a dead giveaway to me that I got caught. It’s time to be grateful. You can’t catch what you don’t see.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies, or Bach Flower Energies cover the whole gamut of human failings successfully. At least I haven’t found anything that isn’t covered, yet.

The best way to go about this monumental task of becoming the best you is to get energetic support from the Bach Flower Energies.

You’ll be more awake, sharper, and less sensitive to the jarring revelations of your shadow side. Your relationship to the signals of the shadow side will change: it will go from victimhood to ownership: you can’t change what doesn’t belong to you either.

You can order your personal remedy in the sidebar at my cost…

Once you are willing to own your shadow side: everybody has a shadow side!, you will be on your way to being able to conquer it and start becoming the human being you were originally meant to be.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

18 thoughts on “How Do You Become The Human Being Source Meant You To Be? How Do You Start Your Soul Correction?”

  1. Another great teaching from a great teacher. Yes! I will begin to view the feed back I get from others as vaild as much as I can. It is also time for me to practice more whole heartedly being more aware of myself. Watch myself more and more along with less and less judgement. Acceptace, love, and doing the work is what I will like to concentrate more on.

  2. Excellent post Sophie. Also, enjoyed video. Once completed with Bach flower, what is second round? Ne

  3. Michael, finally someone is getting it… I am half way through an article where I am bemoaning people's unwillingness to change. I am glad you are not one of them. xoxo

  4. I have reacted all three ways when given negative feedback, don't know which is dominant. So you are saying pay attention when any feeling you have is a strong one, and look and see what feedback caused that feeling, if it was coming from the shadow side?

  5. Aaron, obviously I wasn't clear in the article: pay attention to the feedback, not your feelings. The feedback is always useful. Your reaction is your personal machine move. Charlie's is explaining, Matt's is slipping out, Maria's is feeling like an idiot, mine is feeling like a failure… it is machine. Not the main issue with regards to the feedback. It is though probably the main theme of your correction. But correction is not just one character defect, it is, in your case, judging from your Bach profile, 16 issues. Don't despair: I have more… lol. Guessing from your profile, your biggest issues are: pretend to be cheerful and positive (that will kill you!) and directionlessness… being easy to influence because you are like a ship without a rudder. The remedies will change that. Remember: the wind is in your back. You have a Silent Partner. I am putting this on public display to help you. If it offends or bothers you, let me know, I'll remove it.

  6. No, not at all does it offend me! Ok, so, I will pay attention to the feedback I get from others more. So the best reaction when I do receive negative feedback from others is?….no reaction maybe?…other than acknowledging their point of view and their right to have one?

  7. your best reaction is gratitude. After all they are in your life only for the purpose of cause your soul correction. Gratitude is the only appropriate response. Will take probably all you got… in the beginning. Good luck. I believe in you.

  8. Sophie,

    I enjoyed this article. I love (sometimes dislike) working with my shadow side, because at times it can be VERY difficult owning my “stuff”. I only love and continue to work on it, because that is the only way to become whole. I know when it is my stuff/shadow and not someone else’s, when 2 things come up. 1. I have a strong negative reaction towards someone/something AND 2. that it doesn’t go away and eats at me UNTIL I look at it and OWN it. Then I can work with it. Awareness always has to be present and of course love.

    Of course, I have to have a certain level of honesty to do this. You are right that we can't change something until we acknowledge it. Feedback is good, but at times I have to be careful because sometimes feedback from others is their “stuff” they’re putting on me. So it goes both ways, no?

  9. Hi Sophie,

    You write: “how come we don't have a methodology yet. After all, humanity has been around for a long time…” I assume you mean methodology of soul correction.

    I suspect it is not exactly right. There had been number of teachings in history given by people connected to Source. Part of those teachings dealt with something that you call “soul correction”. One may find extended writings of those teachings that could be named methodologies, and probably would work if followed. The problem as I see is that one would need to spend the whole life (may be not one) to get visible result. Who can devote himself to an idea for that long, especially in our age?

    So is it possible to make it quick? How much acceleration the connection to the Source can give?

    And of cause different time requires different specifics of such methodology.

    I like you approach to soul correction. When I think about my automatic reaction to a negative feedback: it always causes some discomfort, as it should be.

    I never cried about it though, maybe because it was never that negative? I recall most instances of important negative feedbacks in my life. I can tell that they made me better, stronger. Unfortunately, in the American culture it is not generally practiced to give negative feedback, unlike in Europe, for example. Sometimes it is very useful.

  10. Wow, Vlaidmir, I can alway count on you to make a really meaty comment! Thank you.

    Here is my answer:

    1. All the previous methodologies omitted connecting to Source. Connecting to Source is not important to accelerate the correction, it is important to get the energy and the guidance for correction.

    Without connecting to Source there is no reward, even though you may be doing the work. For example, I got no Source energy to support me in the first 25 years of participation in Landmark Education, though I was doing the soul's work… unconsciously, but Landmark's work is largely the same without the consciousness, that's why most Landmark participants' vibration is lower than the average of the area they live.

    No connection, no energy. No connection, no reward. No connection: no rise in vibration, in consciousness. Just going through the motions.

    2. Soul was created to be a purely receiving entity, so it cannot become a pure giver. It is hopeless. The effort is what matters.

    it's a lot like Shostakovich (sp?) violin concerto that cannot be played. (maybe it wasn't Shostakovich, the story is still significant!) He gave this concerto to a virtuoso violinist who came back and told him that the concerto cannot be played.

    Shostakovich answered: I was not interested in it being played. I was interested how it sounded when someone tried to play it.

    That's soul correction in a nutshell.

    The effort is what earns you the light. No way to make it quick.

    If you look at me, my failings are many. And yet the blessings are so plentiful, it is not even funny. Why? Because I diligently do the soul's work. Catch feedback, stop to look and stop to correct.

    Does it slow me down? I don't know, because I live largely outside of the normal society, it probably does. But can it be done? If I can do it, you can do it.

    940, my vibration, is half way (or maybe less) than what's possible for a normal human being, on a logarithmic scale. My math is not up to par, sorry.

    Doing what you are doing, with the attitude that you have, is going to take you far. As long as you are willing to give up the goal and fall in love with the process.

  11. Stephanie,

    I am going to use a distinction from Landmark to explain something: I will call it core issue, to avoid copyright issues, Landmark calls it something else.

    The core issue is a complaint. When you have a complaint, it is always your core issue playing, acting up.

    Now, here is the twist: when people in your environment have a complaint, against you, or not, it is also your core issue.

    Makes little sense, right, but if you think, you are the environment in which they show up having a complaint.

    So when they dump on you, their stuff, it is still full of great stuff, because you are being the space… and you want to be responsible for the space you are.

    I have no one complaining in my space, which is a major miracle, because it used to be the exact opposite of that.

    But if they did, I would take a long hard look at myself, how come this complaint showed up in my life, in my space. What hidden nastiness that I haven't handled that invites others to complain.

    I know this is very advanced, but please trust me, the Indian philosophy that there is no one out there but you is true in this case: it is all your complaint. And you want to own that aspect of yourself… it is the victim in YOU.

    It is all boils down to one issue: are you the cause or are you the effect?

    Simple enough?

  12. I guess that I have lost (or never had) or sleeping or something because I thought the Bach flowers and the Bach Energies were one and the same. Please explain because I don't guess I know. I apologize because I'm supposed to know & apparently don't.

    I enjoyed the articles and the posts to them. I have to agree with Stephanie on her explanation of the soul's correction in that I feel exactly the same way in listening to one's self and owning it.

    Thanks for the great articles. I really do enjoy them and have to think about some of them and have to read them again.


  13. Sophie,

    I only read this now. I like your response.

    “But if they did, I would take a long hard look at myself, how come this complaint showed up in my life, in my space. What hidden nastiness that I haven't handled that invites others to complain.”

    I have only begun to look at things in this manner…I shouldn't say look..I mean actually deal with it head on, sooner than later. I did this w/ a recent difficult relationship and was able to correct things within myself faster than if I left the hidden issues and kicked it around.

    I do need to do this much more often.

    Thanks for clarifying.

  14. It is hard for human being to assume the position that they are responsible for everything that shows up in their life, because the common language abuses the word: responsibility, and makes it mean “guilty”.

    Responsibility only means: I have something to say in the matter, I have some power over that, even if it is only expressed in my thoughts, my attitudes, and my speaking.

    Good work Stephanie. Catching examples of an issue is the first step to soul correction.

  15. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post and feedback everyone. More and more clarity now comes forth.

    Thank you all. Much gratitude.

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