Agrimony: the perils of unexpressed grief. Are You Willing To Change? Do You Have a Big Enough Why? LOL… not funny

oscillating structure by robert fritz: brilliant distinction Agrimony: the perils of unexpressed grief

I’ve been diligently working on my assignment: connecting Humanity to Source and vice versa.

Humanity is learning about Source, and Source is learning about Humanity.

One thing Source learned yesterday is that Humanity, as a whole, is unwilling to change.

Now, that is not 100% true, only 99%.

According to muscle testing, only the people in the poorest countries of the Earth, that, somehow managed to still foster and have personal ambition, are willing to change.

That makes the number of people that are willing to change a total of 1% or so of the Earth’s population, about 70 million people.

Only one of my students is among them. I personally know four of them. About one million live in the United States… that is one third of a percent… one in 300 people.

The rest of them are giving lip service to change.

What is the willingness to change? How come you feel like you are willing, but really you aren’t?

Willingness to change needs you to have no reason to change.

When you have a reason, as soon as you are close enough to accomplish that reason, or alternately the reason becomes less important, you’ll stop.

One of my teachers, through his books, Robert Fritz, has coined an expression, “oscillating structures” that shows clearest why that is.

Imagine that you are on a slimming diet. Restricting your calorie intake and exercising are not easy and not pleasant. Carrying the extra weight is neither.

When you begin the diet, the unpleasantness of the weight dominates. Some time later, when you have shed some of the unsightly fat, you feel better, and suddenly the unpleasantness of the diet and the exercise dominate.

So you slow down or stop altogether.

rocking chair: the illusion of moving This can go back and forth forever, that’s why people can claim that they have lost 1,000 pounds… and they are still fat. They have put back that and more, inside this oscillating structure. It’s like a rocking chair: gives you the illusion of changing, gives you the illusion of moving, but it’s just an illusion.

This same structure applies when you want to change yourself for a reason. To feel better, to get rich, to find a mate, to please me or someone else.

The trouble is, all the self-improvement gurus, in fact, all the gurus, except maybe Jack Zufelt, teach you to set a goal. They are talking about having a big “why,” thus setting you up to enter an oscillating structure that is the root of all unhappiness, in my opinion.

It leaves you unhappy, unfulfilled and on a mouse wheel that goes nowhere. If you accomplish your why, you are left with: so what? If you don’t, you experience yourself a quitter and build a case of more quitting as a way of life.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to go deep inside you (if you have Centaury and/or Cerato, Wild Oat, or Agrimony in your Bach Flower Remedy profile, you probably can’t!) and connect to the Soul: when you connect to the Soul you can’t say no to it.

The Soul wants to change, for no reason. And your happiness, your fulfillment, your health, your wealth depends on working with Soul, or working for ego. There is no third option.

How do you connect to Soul? I am not sure how YOU connect to Soul! On the connection calls I connect you to Soul, but that doesn’t mean YOU connect to Soul. Given the number, one of my students that currently connect to Soul (one), me connecting you to Soul isn’t really connecting YOU to Soul.

So, my honest answer to this question on February 2, 2012: I don’t know. Yet.

So, my job is to find the people who already connect to Soul.

I received this news yesterday with a stiff upper lip. Then I could not sleep. I looked, tested, and found that unless I allow myself to feel the grief and pain of doing hopeless work, I won’t ever be able to sleep.

I allowed myself, I cried for a few seconds, and then slept through the night.

I am doing my work for no reason. It is the Soul’s calling. And I obey.

PS: did you notice I didn’t say “your Soul?” It is because it is not your soul, you are the Soul’s human… disobedient, disconnected, and unaware.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Agrimony: the perils of unexpressed grief. Are You Willing To Change? Do You Have a Big Enough Why? LOL… not funny”

  1. I will not sit in that damn rocking chair any longer…ugh…back n forth…forth and back…LOL… No more, i say!!!

  2. aah… i could relate to that – feel like i'm ready to willing to change, but really am not. will take initial steps to make changes but after a while revert back to old habits and forget the reason for wanting to make the change.

    i guess this article also answers (or not) the very question that's been on my mind… how do I connect to Soul? can't seem to do it at all… i feel lost as to what my purpose is, why am i here… what is it that i should be doing yet am not doing?? then again, even if i do know what my purpose, am i really ready to take on the challenge?

    anyway, i'm really curious about my soul correction. hope you'll have the write-up out soon.

    xx N

  3. Hi Sophie, 1st I love the rocking chair moving! What is that source – you are mentioning? Sorry for my ignorance. But I heard it from other speakers, is it God among Christians?

  4. No. God in the religions is an imaginary entity with human characteristics, like anger, jealousy, etc. Source is the building material of the Universe that is in all and through all. It is a thinking substance that can create with its thought. Human beings, the Universe, are all built by Source and from Source.

    Connecting to an imaginary entity for sustenance is NOT nurturing. The 7,000 people that have connected to Source (to date) all connected to the Source of It All, exactly the same way I am teaching to connect. Some of those people connected in a two-way fashion, most only received (second level of connecting.)

    None of them taught other people how they did it, because they either thought that other people were already connecting, or they didn't know what the heck they did to connect… like King David, like Moses, like Jesus, like Sai Baba.

    I hope this answers your question and the question of many that were afraid to ask. thank you

  5. Nir, of all the things I do, writing up the Soul Correction profiles is the hardest. Why? Because Source won't talk. So I need to listen to Soul, and I have less practice in that.

    Also, I am realizing that there are archetypes. I am realizing that no soul is only working on one thing: that information was Tree of Knowledge, a good starting point, but still… came from the Kabbalah.

    Which means, the Soul Correction articles need to point out the center theme, but also need to look at the complementary issues. For example, the correction type #25, the archetype of the Black Hole, needs to become willing to create their own nourishment instead of “buying” other people's… pretending that they are generous, or that they care. That is quite a complex issue, and it takes me sometimes weeks to get all the pieces together.

    Your correction is “Stop Fatal Attraction” and the underlying basic error or character flaw is being more interested in being a victim, being a rudderless ship than anything else. This matches quite nicely what you have said about yourself.

    So how do you start your correction? By noticing. All correction starts with that, and that makes sense, right?

    Once you manage to see even just one instance of the self-deception, it will be easier to spot it the second, third time around. Watch for patterns. Be the vertical line, the observer (you already know what I am talking about) and watch what is the ego emotion, the thought, the bodily state that begins it.

    My hunch is: Cherry Plum: wanting to get out of a state that is unpleasant, so you do something quickly… damaging and detrimental.

    OK, my soul is starting to speak, so I may be able to do that profile… we'll see… no hurry in the domain of Soul or Source.

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