A life worth living: What does poetry have to do with it?


The world is mundane. Ordinary. At least through ordinary eyes. It is just the way it is.

Some people see beauty, some people see truth, some people see goodness, but for the most part you see reasons to justify why you only trudge through life, never really seeing any poetry, any romance, anything really uplifting.

The Beyond, The Divine, The "Spirit" gets through to you through one of those, truth, beauty, goodness, and how you know it got to you because something echoes in your Soul.

You cry, you laugh, you shut up... words don't come close to express it.

When I work with people on their life's purpose, on the meaning of their lives, especially when I do it in a private call, I need to work a lot.

When I speak your purpose, as I see it, I hear you being hooked, being moved. Then you get off the call, and turn it into mundane... money, sex, or such other stuff, that makes life and you stuck in the mud.

  • When The Divine gets to you through goodness, what lights you up most is making a difference in a way only you can make a difference with others.
  • When The Divine gets to you through truth, then aligning yourself with truth really does it for you.
  • When The Divine gets to you through beauty, then what needs to be said, mostly cannot be said... but can be given expression through some art, through some poetry, but not yours.

What you do for a living, whether you are an artist, or a teacher, isn't necessarily indicative of the mode The Divine gets to you... I know some artists that what lights them up is goodness... and some philosophers that what lights them up is some unique expression of beauty.

You have all three in you, but one of those pathways is dominant...

I have met hundreds of people who were taught this exact wisdom, but remained unchanged by it. And I have known a few that gained from this wisdom the self-knowledge that since has made their lives feel on-track, leading to fulfillment.

In the Instant Coherence workshop we attempt to get to what is the unique pathway and the unique expression that brings meaning and poetry into your life.

No poetry? No meaning. No inspiration. No coherence.

You cannot even get into father-child field.

Most people need to attend this class over and over, to conquer yet another layer of their not-Self... that is covered up by the mundane stuff, that makes you who you are today.

Here is the link to watch or listen to the four webinars... a total of 8 hours.

OOPS update: in addition to the four recording... you'll get to participate in the live workshop to create your self... once and for all.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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