The biggest challenge in transformation and a free video

the-iceberg-principle-bigI have said it before, but can’t say this enough, you live in a world of your own design, a puny 1% of reality. That is the world your conscious mind knows, and you only have fleeting glimpses of a world beyond that.

When you read, watch a movie, listen to me, you hear what resonates with you inside this 1% world, and at best humor me about the rest.

The method transformation needs to employ is to shock you out of your 1%, so you can see that the world is bigger than you see it.

Tough job, because the bigger world comes at you with bad news first. Most of you will never agree to be shocked out of your small world… you don’t like bad news. Bad news about yourself… always.

And although I am your coach, and I obviously live in a bigger world than you, no human can ever see the whole reality: so I live in a puny reality as well.

So I have teachers, I have coaches, and I put myself in the position to be shocked out of my puny world… as well.

One of the people who occasionally manages to do that for me is Igor from Street Hypnosis &
Hypnosis Training Academy.

Because everything that has the chance to make a difference for you, to expand your world, to take you to a truly Human Being experience lies below the waterline, below the conscious level, the job of someone who wants to cause transformation for you is very tough.

Here is a video he sent me (I am on his mailing list) today, and I want you to have it.

It explains why visualization techniques, and many transformational techniques won’t work for you: really interesting.

I had an experience of that: I booked a hypnosis session a few years ago and although the hypnotist was good, I had no results with what he did: I could tell he was operating from within his world, and there was no commonality.

It was about money… and he was hooked.

I have put the video into the subscribers area, so you have to register and be on my mailing list to get it. I think it’s a small price to pay, and if you are not willing to pay it, you probably should not even read my articles: they are wasted on you.

I know I am harsh, it’s intentional.

OK here is the link to see the video:

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