From My Correspondence: Authority, Empath, Connected To Source… Who The Heck Gave You Authority?

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Amy asks, after doing the Unconditional Love Activator the first time:

Right after I did the Unconditional Love activator, I experienced my eyes fluttering and I couldn’t focus. The top of my head ached. I agreed with commands and I thought, of course, that makes sense. like I already knew that I just had to be reminded. Also this morning when I woke up, I thought: ‘The key to this whole thing is love’ that was it.

Interesting. Sometimes I feel like the way you deliver this message is a mother telling her children what to do. I wonder where you get the authority? Just wondering how you came to this point of authority on connecting with source? How are you so sure you are able to read peoples vibes? Is there some place we can read more about you on your blog? I have read many of your post and find you interesting and I think your love connection is right on!

Thank you

Here is my (long) answer:

Hey Amy, your questions are the best on my blogs, thank you so much for asking questions that dig in deep.
Let me answer them, one by one:

I wonder where you get the authority? Just wondering how you came to this point of authority on connecting with source? How are you so sure you are able to read peoples vibes?

Becoming a leader is a process. It’s a quest. It is not given to you, you need to earn it. Even if you were born to do the job.

These past 10 days or so, every soul nudging came so I can answer this question. It started earlier, the nudging, but I was resisting it. I was too busy. lol

Here are the things I was lead to:

  1. Harry Potter, the last book. The last book is about the quest: Dumbledore dies and leaves Harry and his 2 cohorts with the job of finding the horcruxes without giving them much clue as to where they are, how to destroy them, the hallows. it is a veritable quest. In the end he needs to be willing to die, and he passes even that test. In the end he conquers, he is victorious, and he saves the world.
  2. The Hobbit by Tolkien. Bilbo Baggins is a reluctant hero coming with no skills, dragged into the hero’s journey, but in the end he gets the ‘key’ to saving the world. (The key is the ring)
  3. A TV series called ‘Lie to me’ where the lead character can read people’s feelings as reliably as I can, except that they are looking. Which means I am not alone, not weird, just clued in.

I started out with no authority, with a sense of not belonging, being an impostor, an undesirable, a cuckoo bird in a sparrow’s nest, not fitting in, not happy, not anything, out of place.

I was called arrogant, oracle, and other names, not as a compliment.

The ability to identify feelings exactly, all 38 of them, has come at a price: you need to feel it to identify it, you need to feel it to communicate to Source what it is exactly, and you need to know who you are and not too squeamish (squeamish=easily disgusted) to walk in the world being occupied, 90% of the time, with feelings that can kill a normal person.

The ability has been proven, though, with physical feelings, from time to time, I mirror the person, the sides get reversed: I am dyslexic too, but the feelings are exact. I have worked with two different chiropractors, guiding theme exactly what to move, when neither them, nor the patient knew what was causing the pain. I showed them on MY body, they moved the stuff on the patient, and voila, the pain was gone.

Lucky to me and the world, I was already making a living, and was able to reduce the time it took to less than 4-5 hours a week of actual work to sustain the income, so I was able to look at this ‘assignment’ without the profit motive.

I am free to discover mistakes, misunderstandings, and I am free to keep my eyes on the job.

I have testers, I have students that their only job is to allow me to develop the thought.

Because the Universe IS holographic, and the way to unfold stuff from the 99% is to poke the box, this is the only methodology, developmental courses, that have worked so far. I also have two people with whom I have regular calls with, that reveal big chunks of the ‘unknown’.

You, with your questions, are a potential 3rd, my dear.

Authority? I call it certainty. Reading people’s vibes I feel them in my own body instead of reading them. So far 20 at a clip. I’d like to stretch that a little. Growing is the game.

I will add two tiny clips to the Unconditional Love activator, to include the new Heaven on Earth activator.

Question: given that you have never been on a connection call: are you connected while listening? My muscle test says you were connected on the first level only. Please come to the call on Saturday: it needs you to be connected on the second level for it to get into your subconscious/ego aspect and ‘wreak havoc’ there, lol

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